Tauranga Library and their fabulous colour-poem challenge; and a challenge for other librarians

Last year I got to visit Penny Guy and the Library in Tauranga.

Penny recently came up with a very cool poem challenge for children which Lauren Jones then put into action. The inspiration was colour. I invited her to tell us what she did and send in some poems. I LOVE this idea!

Other librarians I invite you to do the same when you come up with a good poetry challenge. I would love to post more of what you do!


Penny Guy wrote:

Junior children from Gate Pa School visited Tauranga Library in conjunction with a visit to the Art Gallery where they saw Ewan McDougall’s very colourful paintings. The children were asked to think about a particular colour and what they associated with that colour. As the children thought of words, these were written on strips of coloured paper and given to the child. The children then lined up with their words and said them, one at a time, to make a colour poem. The children were shuffled round to try the words in different orders and finally their words were glued onto a piece of white paper to make these poems.


Gate Pa school poem - red Gate Pa school poem - yellow

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