My birthday weekend

This weekend was a very special birthday for me because I turned 60. My family came from from far and wide to share lunch with me, I went to a play, a movie and out for dinner over the course of three days. It was a perfect weekend. My sister-in-law even turned up by surprise from Sydney. My mother came from Nelson and Michael’s family from Tauranga.

And on the morning of my birthday i got sent a link to a web page NZ poets had made as a birthday gift. Anna jackson, wonderful Wellington poet and dear friend, started it up with help from Helen Rickerby and Harry Ricketts.

They called it A Poetry Shelf for Paula Green and lots of wonderful NZ poets wrote or picked poems for the shelf. I am sharing the link with you so you can read through this treasure box. In fact it is like a chocolate box … I am still picking and choosing. I cried when I got sent the link and I cry as i read each poem.

So do go dipping and delving in this treasure. it is very moving. Very wondersome.


Warm greetings to all young poetry fans.


7 thoughts on “My birthday weekend

  1. Barbara Else

    The web page is a beautiful gift for a beautiful person. And it’s exactly like chocolate box, a gift you can share – thank you, I’ll have another one now.


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