My favourite poems with made-up words

So many poems with made-up words arrived for me to read. Inventive! Imaginative!

Such fun to do this!

Fabulous poems didn’t get picked this time as it was a fabulous bumper crop.


A class at St Peters even made a poem together! Yeah!

Do try another challenge next term.


This time I am sending a book to Meg and a book to Tessa.

I adore Tessa’s poem, the made up words are so so good! The poem is full of joy and inventiveness and Margaret-Mahy-word juiciness.

I also adored Meg’s poem as it had so much strong detail and was so imaginative. I loved the flow of the poem.

If yo read these poems you will find great things in each of them. Which is your favourite? Why? Add a comment!



Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 1.43.16 PM

Tessa A, aged 11, Selwyn House School




Crack, thump, cadum, cadum.

Squeak, creak, crackaladoo.

Pitter, poggle, patter, poggle.

Yelp, yoo, yack, clack.

Strike, boom, bash, dash.

Here we go again.

Step, walk, stride, stride.

Open the gate wide.

It starts to rain.

Quick get inside.

Thunder and lightning.

Very, very frightening.

Sofia R,10 years old, from Columba College school, Dunedin, Year 6.



Beace my made up word.

Means your peace.

Beace is as good as a honey jar

And the honey is as yellow as a sunflower.

Beace is good and bad.

Beace Beace Beace means

Your peace

Your peace

Your peace.

William S Year: 3  Age: 7 years  School: St Andrews



Iginoligee is a word that means

There is absolutely nothing about it to know.

And absolutely no one that knows how to
spell it.

There was iginoligee in the desert.

The book had iginoligee on the pages.

Some people believe pollution is iginoligee.

I see it as a loss of lives.

All war left was iginoligee.

Meg B Year 5  Paparoa Street School   Christchurch



My brother teases me,

Every day.

I call him Qwerty,

Every day.

He says,

“What’s Qwerty?”

Every day.

I say,

“Qwerty is Qwerty.”

Every day.

Isis W Selwyn House School 12 years old Year 7


Fillopity Fishing

Floppity, bobbity, flop,

Down to the large rock,

Skippity, dippity, doo,

Look at the great view,

Stop for a minute, take it all in,

Let it linger under your skin,

Tappity, toppity tee,

Finally we can see the sea,

Rallity, remmity, ray,

The sun has come out, hooray!

Now hush, as we wait, for the catch of the day,

And when we get it, we all shall race home,

For another supper, of picking out bones.

Mimi’s Year 7 class made up this poem St Peter’s School (how cool is that!)



The Dish-q-bupp is a great machine

Its lean it’s green and it can clean,

It sings it rings it smell it tells,

It also wakes you up and feeds your pup,

The Hoggensnert is good to

It reads and kneads your sourdough

And tells you things when you don’t know,

It also helps you cook while you read the latest book,

The Rollimwallipp is a great thing

It teaches your kids how to sing,

It brushes your cat and cleans your mat,

It also turns of the TV show just as you’re about to go,

These machines are wonderful things if you want one just give us a ring

Where just down the road  be careful though.

You might find that this poem, gets stuck in your mind.

Mark N Year 7 Age 11 St Peters School Cambridge NZ



Screen shot 2015-06-25 at 4.38.46 PM

Daniel L Year 2 Age 6 Adventure School Whitby



Hail and thunder storm

Hickklethump hickklethump bang bang kaboosh

The sounds of the hail on top of the roof

Tickle tackle thumpdathump balkaloosh

The sound of thunder in the wet damp sky

Boom gallooom lightning is covering all over the dark horrible sky.

Georgia age 11 Grantlea Downs School


From Up Above…

Dropping down,

‘dlonking’ on

my head,

I look

up and

see a

blurry, flurry,

murwhirly, cloudy…


Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

1 thought on “My favourite poems with made-up words

  1. Rochelle

    I had great fun reading all these poems and I really enjoy making up words myself.

    I really liked how Daniel was able to make his poem rhyme and how he played with the names of the colours. It was ‘magic’! – Imogen C


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