Some of my favourite winter poems will get a LIANZA Book Award notebook woohoo!

Winter has been an extremely popular topic for poem writing. What a lot of poems arrived.  How wonderful for me but it does mean lots of you missed out on being picked to be posted this time. I was especially delighted that some classes sent in bunch of poems (terrific poems from Hillcrest School and Karitane School). It shows how poetry is bubbling away in classrooms.

The poems that really caught my eye and ear had lines that sounded good, real detail and strong images. These things make your mouth water and your ears sing as you read.

Sometimes simplicity is gold in a poem. I have picked these children to send a LIANZA Book Award notebook to: Summer W, Trinity, William S and Emma C.

But you all deserve notebooks to write poems in!

Plus I was so delighted with the huge number of wonderful poems from Hillcrest School ( I could only post a few) I am sending them a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat and other Poems. Thank you!

Summer in Winter

As sun burns my face
as snow tickles my toes
I wonder what is life really all about.

Summer W Year 4, age 8 Karitane School


The winter art

Frozen blue

With green, pink and blue cascading down

Into the ice


Cold white

Once flowing down

Now solid


The grey paint

Endlessly traveling

Down a never ending canvas


Falling clouds

Never ending

Until light comes

To the painting

Emma C Age: 10  Selwyn House School


A Winter Hill

Everyday a winter hill is silent
And it is always winter there
I went to a winter hill once
It was as cold as snow
A winter hill loves it’s home
Animals live on winter hills
Polar beers eat plants that grow
The Winter Hills have secrets!
They do not say to the animals
When the grass dies
The winter hills start to fade
While the grass dies
The winter hills tell the animals
The secrets they have kept.

Trinity Aged 7. St Andrews College. Christchurch


Delicate Frost

My eyes shimmer and reflect in the crumbly frost

Little dwarf icicles, rest upon the damp grass

Substance on my feet travels throughout the room

Intense arctic chill, sending an icy storm through my feet

Like a piece of broken glass sitting in my hand

Dew breaks and crumples on the strips of land

Carys F,  Room: 7 Age: 10 Hllcrest Normal School


Frozen Frosts

Frozen yoghurt texture, when without sunlight

Rough feeling on my chilled fingers

On different types of nature’s objects

Sugar grain size, all clumped together

Tiny ice hairs, all in a group

Shimmery and slippery underneath my feet

Charlotte H Room: 7  Age: 10 Hillcrest Normal School


In the morning

Fierce, Freezing feet

unReasonably cold fingers

bOiling the jug for a hot chocolate

Shiny and crunchy plants

Tinted windows filled with ice

Luca H, Room: 7 Age: 10 Hillcrest Normal School


Kiwi winter

Warn heater that seems to attract my dog

In the car drinking hot drinks

No one wants to go outside

Tingling feeling in my nose from the winter frost

Eating a nice warm sausage after a wet game of rugby

Rainy day great for going to the movies

Finlay Shiels Room: 7 Age: 11 Hillcrest Normal School


The Blizzard Frost

Frost its frigid

It looks like sodium

Random shaped ice

If you eat it you won’t have a pleasant surprise

A relative of snow

Timothy Y Age 11 Room 7 Hillcrest Normal School



Snow falls during night
Whiter than the rose in the lawn
The children’s delight

Enya O  Age 12 Year 8    Selwyn House School Christchurch



Winter means snow to me
when it falls on top of the bare branch trees
when it drops so slowly from the gray clouds
and sets softly on the ground

Niamh C  Age 11   Selwyn House School Christchurch



Snowflakes are drifting like elegant ballerinas with frost covered trees behind them.
White clouds cover the sky,
the gods are cold.
Children ice-skate across the lake
with their parents…. everyone is happy.
Jenna H Year 4



It’s winter!

Time to dress up

In warm gear

And build a big snowman

Or make snow Egyptians.

First it will be snow Egyptians

Then a big snowman.

Now I will make the snowman.

Two minutes later

I finished the snowman.

One minute later

The snowman melts so

I build a new one.

 By William S  Age: 7 years, St Andrews


Negative Temperatures
I wake up to find
condensation lurking
the windows,
blurring the white grass
behind them.

Outside it’s grey
and gloomy,
the temperatures
dipping lower and lower,
layer upon layer
of clothes wrap
around me.

Walking out,
my breath is visible.
Gloves protect my hands,
but my face remains
red and exposed.

The sun resides
behind the clouds,
leaving us
with slippery slopes
and a place
where negatives
are a commonality.

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

Snow Fight

Snow and frost covers the fields in a sparkly white blanket
The cows cuddle up in an airtight herd
horses rugged up.
Me and my brother run round the carpark
dogs hot on our heels.
Scraping frost off the windows,
enough for some snow balls.
Snowballs fly everywhere
like seagulls dive bombing our heads.
We scamper inside
we look worse than the dogs.
Granny feeds us hot chocolate and toast
then sends us straight to the fire.

Brook H Year 6, age 10 Karitane School



Winter, where are you?
Winter, I do not see you.
I want to see your snow but it’s not here.
Winter, you are like an ice cream  – as cold as snow
you are like an ice block – as cold as ice.
Can you find a tree and dress it with snow?
Why don’t you come?

Nikki L Year 4, age 8 Karitane School


Winter Poem

I stand in the middle of the court
I hear the sea
or is it the wind?
I see the seagull glide in the wind
I feel the rain
I hear the rain

Bella F Year 5, age 9 Karitane School




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