The teddy-bear-in-the-car poems – here are two favourites

photo 3

I gave you 24 hours to come up with a poem to tell the story of the giant teddy bear I saw in a car. I asked you to use a good dollop of imagination. Thanks for sending all your poems in at such short notice. I really enjoyed reading them.

I especially loved the stories in the poems that Gemma and Daniel wrote and the extra dollop of imagination they used. Their poems were helped by really strong detail that made the imaginary story come alive. Gemma tried a limerick which worked well. I liked all the ‘h’ words in Daniel’s poem. I wonder if Daniel has been to Hawaii? Great job!

I am sending a book to Gemma this time.


Ted’s Hawaiian Holiday

Once upon a lunchtime

Ted got really excited

He was going on holiday to Hawaii



Hordes of pineapples



His parents picked him up from school

He waved to all his friends

Said goodbye to his teacher

And promised in two weeks he’d be back again


Two weeks later

Room 26 got a postcard that read

“I will not be back”

Love from Ted


He was staying in Hawaii

‘til Christmas time

Because Hawaii is soooooooo awesome

Leaving early would be a crime.

By Daniel, aged 6, Year 2,  Adventure School.


The story of a big brave bear

Why is a bear sitting there

Without a care while people stare?

He just got married

And is waiting to be carried

Up to school for tell and share!

By Gemma, Year 5, Age 9, Adventure School




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