Happy holidays and a happy holiday challenge or two and a puffer fish on the sand


Today is the last day of Term 2 so you will all be looking forward to a good break. I do hope you have safe holidays, wonderful holidays and discover something new.

Poetry Box goes on holiday but I don’t because I am hard at work writing! And I have to get ready for my Northland Tour which starts on the first day of Term 3. Very exciting.

This morning when I was running along the beach I saw a puffer fish which gave me the idea for the postcard challenge. Holidays are a great chance to discover something different, to see some different, to do something different. You can turn these experiences into poems and put them on postcards (see below).

Here are some things you might like to do in the holidays:


1. Vote for the Whitcoulls Top 50 books so a NZ book makes the cut! Whitcoulls are giving away 100 $20 book vouchers. You vote for your three favourite books and three favourite authors. Vote here.

2. Pick a NZ author you would like me to send the questions you write to. I will see if I can arrange the interview. You can email if you come up with a name. paulajoygreen@gmail.com

3. Review a NZ book. Any genre. Just tell us what you love (and don’t love about the book). send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com

4. Vote for Children’s Choice for NZ Book Awards here. You and your school might win some books.

5. Find a notebook and fill it with poems. Ah! happy poem days!


6. Try my holiday-poem-postcard challenge.

* make your own postcard

* write a poem on it that shows me something you have seen or done in the holidays

* hunt for yummy words, strong detail, listen to each line

* you can illustrate and decorate it if you like

*write your name, age, school  and email address (so I can get in touch with you!)

* put it in envelop and send to me (so no-one can see your private details)

* send to Paula Green PO Box 95078 Swanson Waitakere 0653

* I will scan and post my favourites and have a book for one child


h a p p y     h o l i d a y s     x

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