Onerahi School was awesome

First stop on my Northland Tour was Onerahi School. What a warm welcome. Poetry sizzled and popped and sung. What a terrific way to start my week. I am full of heavenly poetry. Thank you. 

Here is one poem that came out of the workshops we did today. It’s by Liam.  Some shiny moments in this poem that was written at the end of the day. Great job Liam. 

The grey and black

rocks looked anchored on

the sand. 

The waves were crashing

like a hurricane. 

The black sand was hot and

crumbled under my feet. 

The salt water sparkled in

the sunlight. 

2 thoughts on “Onerahi School was awesome

  1. Room 19 and Room 1

    Its a shining poem Liam. It was a really awesome poem for everyone to hear. Great describing words. It made me feel like I was there. It makes us happy for poems:0)


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