Holiday postcards

When I was a girl, I loved getting postcards and I loved sending postcards.There is something magical about a postcard from another place with a little message on it.

When I left New Zealand in my twenties to explore the world I sent lots of postcards to friends and family. Nowadays people send messages on their phones, computers and other devices, but my daughter in Europe has promised to send me a postcard or two. I can’t wait.

Poetry Box usually goes on holiday in your holiday time so I can focus on my writing, but I thought it would be fun to send me poem postcards that you made yourselves. The old fashioned way using a stamp, a postbox and a letterbox.

I got two postcards, one from Daniel and one from Gemma! I was so excited to get them. They took me to another place which is just what postcards can do especially when there is a poem on them.

I think I might try this agin in the next holidays to see what arrives in my box.

I am sending Gemma and Daniel a surprise book.

Here they are:

photo 1 photo 2


photo 1




photo 2


My Adventurous Holiday

In the winter sunshine
My exploring in nature
Sees sun rise each morning.

By Daniel L Age 6, Year 2, Adventure School



Road Trip

A tomato, a dog, a giant welly

Some tanks, a mountain and a place that is smelly

Are we there yet?


A corrugated sheep, a great steel bridge

A very tall tower, a slipped road on a ridge

Are we there yet?


A clock museum, avocado trees,

Some fancy-pants toilets, and oranges if you please

Are we there yet?


Then finally the sea

We’re nearly in reach

Are we there yet?


Yes – it’s Coopers Beach!

By Gemma L Age 9, Year 5, Adventure School,


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