Photos from the Awards

Thanks for all the lovely messages. 

I hardly slept a wink as I am not used to the city noises. It’s true! The city never sleeps. Always someone doing something. Cars buses rubbish bins laughter sirens chat chat chatting. I can’t wait to get out and go roaming. A day roaming with my daughter. 

Here are a few photos from last night. I am still smiling that children voted for poetry! Thank you so much. Everyone was saying how wonderful it was that children love poetry!  Yeah!

Here I am with Myles Lawford the illustrator and Lynette Evans, the Publisher (Scholastic). 

The winners. I am standing next to the extraordinary Jenny Cooper. She did the Treasury but last night she deservedly won Best Picture Book with Glyn Harper for Jim’s Letters. Can’t see supreme winner Mandy Hager!?!


That’s Lynette  with winner Donovan Bixley.  
Government House sparkles


1 thought on “Photos from the Awards

  1. Margaret Green

    Fantastic Paula. Am so so pleased and proud of my daughter. Congratulations. You deserve it all. See you soon Love Mummae


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