My Favourite busy busy busy busy poems and a challenge for you hidden in the post

I was so busy reading all your busy poems it took AGES!

Some of my favourite poems didn’t use rhyme but used strong detail to make a busy picture grow in my head as I read.

I especially loved the poems that surprised me with a line or an ending or the subject chosen. I loved going into the busy-ness of bees and ants. Some poems are funny and some are thoughtful. Some are so imaginative!

A poem tip: Lots of poems used rhyme for this challenge and when you use rhyme unless you are writing a nonsense poem make sure your rhyme fits the meaning. Sometimes it is like the rhyme is in charge of the poem and not the poet.

But sometimes rhyme is a shining star in a poem. It might be hiding on lines and it might be tricky nearly-sounding rhyme. It might be Dr Seussy rhyme that fits the topic and the meaning of the poem.


Here are just some of my favourites out of the huge truckload that arrived! Just becuase i didn’t choose your poem did not mean I didn’t like it as my letter will have shown.

It was really tough choosing a poet to send a book to but the ant poem really stuck with me. So I am sending Vivien a copy of The Letterbox Cat. Check out her poem.

Message for Finn: Did you know my partner Michael Hight does beehive paintings? He is famous for them!

A  c h a l l e n g e:  One way to get to be a better poet is to read poems others write! That’s what I do. I never stop reading poems by other adults and children. Tell me which your favourite poem is here and why and  add a comment to this post. If I get at least ten comments, I have one copy of The Letterbox Cat for my favourite comment. Please add your age, year and school. Email me if you have trouble posting it.


Our Busy Family
Our busy family
Bizz bizz bizz
Busy like
A bizzerator family
My family
Has 800 bizzerators

 Jamie F 6 years old. Year 2. Ilam School


Busy Bees

Bees making honeycomb
At rapid fire speed


Bees hurriedly warding off a bear


Queen bee giving orders

Busy artist paints them

Finn P Ilam School, Christchurch, Year 4



The cornfield
is as gold as the sun
it waves
like they are
saying goodbye
I lie down
in the sunlight
with birds singing
around me
the birds are busy
the soldiers are busy
except me
Vesper W Age: 6  Year 2  Ilam School, Christchurch


Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy
As busy as bees
Working till the house shimmers like diamonds
Splish splash splosh
Goes the mop on the floor
It’s spick and span
But soon it will get dirty
So we will have to clean again.
Oskar R aged 7, Year 2, Ilam School



Busy / ysub

Busy, the bees,
working in the busy tree,
Ysub, the busy ants work in the busy hole.
Busy, the busy birds work to make a nest.
Ysub, the busy knights are getting ready for war.
Busy, the busy penguins are searching for food.
Ysub, the busy builders are making buildings, busy.

Ronnie L, year 3, age 8, Ilam Primary School



The ant hill

Citizens hurry to bring their
queen winter supplies.
Back and forth, back and forth.

Their world is extremely
different from our own.
it builds up faster and
more efficiently.

Adapting to the
ever-changing environment.
A fast world inside a slow one.

This society will
survive longer much
longer than ours.

Vivien Silver- Hessey age 10 Paparoa Street School


Busy gets very busy and often very clumsy
She bumps and stubs her toe
And scavengers for food very like a slowpoke.
Scurrying the street and bumping into folks
Jumps in her grey car
Causing a traffic jam
And drives into a dam.
A crowd of fluffy lambs
Come to the scene
At least she’s just a friend
My crazy friend BUSY!
By Alice Aged 11, Paparoa Street School


Hermoine being busy

Hermoine was busy

because she got a time turner first term that’s why she went two places at once. Professor McGonagall gave it to her because she signed up for all the lessons last year. At the end of the year she

needed it for a very important task. To save Sirius, Harry’s godfather from the dementers’ kiss. They managed to save him on Buckbeak, Hagrid’s hippogriff. They had to save him too because his head was going to be chopped off. Sirius flew away on Buckbeak to a cave.

Lily  Y2, Age 6, Paekakariki School
School time

Shining bright into my eyes the sun rises.

Yawning I get out of bed.

The switch flicks on then suddenly my brain starts working.  School.

Throwing on my uniform I glance at my watch 7:10am.

Multi tasking, scoffing down Weet-bix and putting on my shoes.

Rushing the toothbrush along my molars scraping them clean.

My body finds the warmth of my jacket as I sling on my school bag and shout my goodbyes.

Thud! thud! Clanking, heavy shoes on the new footpath.

Running for the bus, skidding to a stop.

The bus slows and the well oiled doors slide open.

Jasper, St Peter’s School, Cambridge


Busy Me

Busy Busy me waiting by the oven

checking the time again and again

Busy Busy me making a pie

no time to taste it, put it up high

Busy Busy me time to make a pie

shoo away the pesky fly

Lara Lamont Y7, Age 11, St Peters School


The Ocean Of People

Bang! Whack! You trip, and you fall,

You’re lost in a crowd, as you aren’t very tall,

You’re late, and you’re lost, and it’s not going well,

You’re in need of a map but there’s no time to dwell,

Your lace is untied, you can’t find the train station,

You stand squished in queue in terrible frustration,

When you finally get to the front of the line,

You look at the clock and it’s quarter past nine,

It’s all too much, you need to go home,

You tired, you’ve had too much of a roam,

So off you slope through the bustling crowd,

Off to a place, you know won’t be loud.

Mimi, St Peter’s School, Cambridge



The hurry,
The rush,
You walk,
Not noticing what is going on,

You suddenly stop,
You see what you are missing,
Yet you start to walk fast again,
You rush,
You hustle,
You stay what you always are,

Caitlin M 10 years old St Andrew’s College, Preparatory

3 thoughts on “My Favourite busy busy busy busy poems and a challenge for you hidden in the post

  1. David and jo

    Your nzpoetrybox is a gem and inspirational to encourage young potential poets. So encouraging to see their poetry in print.
    There will be some very proud parents and grandparents I’m sure!

  2. Gemma

    I like all the poems! Lots of clever poets 🙂 My favourite is The Ocean Of People. I like the rhyming pattern because it makes it flow. And I like the specific language and words Mimi chose.

  3. Daniel

    I like the poems that have rhyming and personification. But my favourite is Busy Me by Lara because it is just funny and I like the word pesky!


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