Niamh set the challenges – here some poems I loved

So many of you tried Niamh’s two challenges. It was hard picking just a few to post. As always.

I loved the way your imaginations kicked in for the tree and flower poems but you still got your ears working so your poems sounded good. Crackingly good!

I love the way you give challenges a go.

I am sending Xenia a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat. This poem was very inventive and made me smile. BUT I loved them all and I loved all the ones I didn’t pick to post too. So inventive. Bravo young poets.


Challenge One Using a favourite word at least three times in a poem:



An apple

was sitting

in a bowl

with lots of fruit.

They were in the bowl bus

going to the kitchen.

After the bowl bus stopped

at the flour station

to get flour fuel,

they continued the journey

to the kitchen.

When they got there

the apple

was put into a fruit bowl,

and the fruit

in the bowl bus

was put

in a cupboard.


my favourite fruit

and word.

By: William S Age: 7 years St Andrew’s


As my head
hits the pillow,
my eyelids close,
the world blackens,
all sound dissipates.

As my head
hits the pillow,
the scenery changes,
thoughts and colours
zoom through my mind.

As my head
hits the pillow,
I hear the
alarm clock buzz,
and the birds chirping

the day flies by
and my head
hits the pillow.

By Ewen W aged 13, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


The Sapphire Flowers     

The flowers shone brightly in the garden.

The thieves watched from a distance,

They were about to grab the flowers

When a sapphire glow filled the sky,

Then the flowers changed to an amazing                                                                                    sapphire colour.

The flowers are now poisonous to the thieves.

By Maya W St Andrews College Age 7



Challenge Two Inventing a flower or a tree:


Flower Flower
I want to invent a flower
A flower made of gold
To shine through the darkness and whisper
Round the snow
I would call it Mal, Mal the Jasmin cloud
She will float
She will sing
She will make magical things

Rylee M Age: 8 Year 3 School: St Andrew’s College
Screen shot 2015-09-03 at 4.43.34 PM


The Racidis

The Racidis,
blood red colours
dripping down
the flower.
The shinning sun makes
the Racidis
snap down
The Racidis roots
cracks and crawls.
The days sneak by,
the Racidis thrives.

Isabel S 8yrs    Ilam Primary School


The Duck Tree

The duck tree,
had ten ducks
sitting in the tree.
That’s why
its called
the duck tree.

Beautiful ducks they were.
Red heads with blue bodies!
The tree,
the tree was just a normal tree,
like a Totara.
It just had ducks in it!

The duck tree
sways gently in the wind.
The duck tree
is a very,
very common tree.
Especially on farms.

Name: Xenia P Age: 8   Year 4 School: Fendalton Open Air School


Ortus Flos (Sunset Flower)


Pink, red and orange

this sunset

has been

collected from

the sky and

placed on a


The colours

hold their


all year.

It is always

in bloom.

Natalie H Year 6  10 years old  Fendalton Open-Air School


The Tree of Beginning 

The tree of beginning is a golden red treasure
that grows
from the sun’s core.
As the cliffs fall
the tree of beginning is growing
and more

Name: Oscar Brady Age: 9 Year level: 4 School: St Andrew’s College Preparatory School, Christchurch



The Bungle Tree

She stretches up tall and lanky to the sky,
her wide and bushy flowers reach out.
She looks like a rainbow.

She only grows in summer.
Her fat branches, crispy and brown.
Her moss fades over time.

The Bungle tree is beautiful,
but on the inside it is hollow.

By: Megan P Selwyn House School 11 years old


Candy Tree

I would like to make a tree called Candy
Each spring  Candy makes butterflies
It is red and orange with spots of blue
It spreads every day of sunlight
When it is fully grown it sprouts a food dispenser
You get the food by standing in front of it and saying what you want.

By Anika B  Age 7 Year 3 St Andrews Preparatory School Christchurch

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