The Lovewells pick their favourite funny poem


The Lovewell family  each had lots of different favourites but this is the poem they picked to get the book they so kindly donated. Here is their letter:


HI Paula,
Thanks for the opportunity to choose a winner for this week’s challenge … we’ve had a lot of fun doing this as a family this afternoon!

Loved the poems – lots of laughs, the children clearly enjoyed being funny in their writing.

We would love for the book to go to Trinity P of St Andrew’s College, for the very funny Talking Banana poem.  We all think this is the kind of silly fun verse Spike Milligan loves to share 🙂

We hope Trinity and family enjoy the Spike Milligan book as much as our family does!

Kind regards,
Robyn, Glen, Gemma and Daniel


The Talking Banana

Once I got a banana that talked
Now I need it to stop!
He looked in the cold bedroom
And then he froze..
I put him next to the fire
But he shrivelled up
Now what can I do with
an old shrivelled up banana?
His friend is Strawberry
And she talks as well
She likes dipping herself
Into pools of chocolate
A strawberry chocolate!
What can I do with that?
Now I can eat her! YUMMM

Trinity P Aged 7 St Andrew’s College  Christchurch




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