My favourite poems that invent a new form and a challenge!

This is such a fun thing to do and I loved the way so many of you took up my challenge to invent a new form for a poem.

I loved your creativity and stretching minds. We might try this again in Term 4.

Here are FIVE of my favourite poems. I really liked it when you explained the rules of your form for me. Thank you.

Some were by older children and a bit tricky and some were by young children and quite easy.


a            c  h  a  l  l  e  n  g  e

try one of the FIVE  forms below and send to me by Thursday!

DEADLINE for your Form-Poem Challenge: Thursday September 24th (not long!)

Send to Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email.

PLEASE say it’s for the Form-Poem challenge. Put in the subject line of the email please.

I will post my favourites on Friday and have a book for a poet (Year 0 to Year 8).


I am sending a book on the haiku form to Aria. Here are the new five forms you can try:


Poetry Form: Sylladec
Rules Of Poem:
10 Lines
5 syllables for the first five lines
3 syllables for the last five lines

Japanese blossom,
petals fall like rain.
Following the path,
a babbling brook.
Storm clouds loom above,
bolts strike trees.
Lively fire,
burns like hell.
A retreat,
turned a threat.

Aria  C  Year 8   12 Years   Selwyn House School Christchurch

Note from Paula: I love this idea. It is a poem in two parts. Full at the start slender at the end. Really vivid language.



The Earthquake

The cat wanders.


Lost in the rubble,

Lost in the world.

The child lies.


Hurt from the quake,

Hurt from the fright.

The doll slumps.


Crushed in the commotion,

Crushed with her sadness.




This poem repeats lines that change a bit. Lots of repetition.

Family Floods

Floods, floods happen with no warning
Nepal is becoming poorer every day
Nepal has no villages any more
Lots of villages are gone now
We all get very very sick
All villagers are gone for ever
The Mud castle is gone now
I lay firm and still now
I lay just beyond the castle
I stay still and listen now
Nepal does not stand anymore now

Trinity P aged 7. St Andrews College Christchurch
Note from Paula: I really like the way the lines repeat and shift. Brilliant!



Extrapolation form

All verses have to relate

Has to tell of an event

3 Verses

4 Lines per verse

Line 1: 3 words – The *noun verb*.

Line 2: 1 word – past-tence verb.

Line 3: 4 words – start with the same word as line 2, determiner/pronoun/preposition x2, noun,

Line 4: 4 words – start with the same word as line 2, determiner/pronoun/preposition x2, noun.

Isis W  12 Year 7  Selwyn House School

Note from Paula: The form is brilliant as it has a stuttery feel like the tremors of an earthquake.



For  my Form-Poem I did numbers:

1. (Decide how many lines you will use) 9 lines
2. (Decide how many words will be on the line) 3 words per line
3. (Decide how many syllables will be on a line. Make a pattern for the poem) First word on each line has syllables 1,2,3,3,2,1,1,2,3
4. (Decide whether your form uses rhyme. Make a pattern using rhyming. Try using words that nearly rhyme) Rhyme is abccbaabc
8. (Give your poem a title) Wake
9. (Give your form a name) 33
It is called 33 because of: the words per line, syllables and rhyme (all three!). It is definitely a tricky tricky tricky poem !

When the sun
rises up high,
innocent birds clasp
well-defined beaks, rasp
chirping floats by.
The day’s begun
for almost everyone,
waking to find,
instantly, night’s passed.

By Ewen W aged 13, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch
Note from Paula: This is a tricky poem and would be very fun to try. I enjoyed the end result and the rhythm the rules made.



Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 12.06.47 PM

William S Age: 7 years Year: 3 St Andrews College, Christchurch

Note from Paula: I love the idea of a poem that moves like this. It changes the sound. Wonderful!

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