My favourite Spring poems – last challenge of the term!

It feels like Spring, but it has also felt like Winter in September!

I see lambs frisking on the way to beach and daffodils stretching to the sun,

but we are still having fires!



Lots of Spring poems with lots of Spring detail! Hard to choose just a few. I am sending a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat and Other Poems to Zachariah.


Working in the Spring Sun
Golden grass,
baked by the sun,
daisies and flower weeds
springing through cracks,
I watch and take part,
work to be done,
only to rebuild what,
my father broke
in the spring sun

Emily  H  11, Selwyn House School



A Golden Touch

A sprout of green

A golden spray of light

Pink flowers mixing to one

A painting of colour


A lemony scent

Sweet and perfect

Blossoming pollen

A mist of smell


A leathery swipe

A soft touch

A furry leaf

A golden touch


A call a lark

A song welcoming the new

A sweet rain dripping rhythmically


New life begins

Emma C Age 10, Year 6 Selwyn House School


Orange, yellow and white.
The daffodils blow around in the glowing gust of wind.
I love spring.
Spring when the little animal babies are born.
I love the spring breeze.

Megan P 11 years old Year 7 Selwyn House School



Colourful flowers
Lush grass
Colours everywhere

Blossoms flowering
Shoots coming up
Breeze ruffling the trees

Getting warmer
Feeling happy
Dancing everywhere

Zachariah G is 6 years old



Signs of spring

Sun-like daffodils emerge from the cool earth with explosions of colour.

On the cherry tree, buds burst from the branches,

Chased by snow-white blossoms.

The washing flaps in the afternoon breeze,

Tangling itself into sausage rolls.

Beware as young tui swoop above your head,

So close you feel their wing beats rippling in the air.

Hear the relentless mower buzz like a super sized bee

As it chomps the determined grass and pulverizes the never-ending weeds.

The birthday season has arrived.

Taste the sweet chocolate and the promise of picnics.

The garden is alive with the signs of spring.


By Gemma and Daniel L Adventure School


Ode to Spring


How we rejoice when you come

For you light up our land

Make the trees grow tall


You are our prize for making it through winter

You make our crops grow

Our lambs gallop through the grass you bring


You chase away the dark winter skies

Bringing out the sun and warmth


How we will cry when you leave us

Though summer awaits

Oh Spring oh beautiful Spring what would we do without you?

By Lucy  Age 11  Gladstone School


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