#nzbookweek – Changing Times: The story of a NZ town and its newspaper


This is a new book written by Bob Kerr and published by Craig and Burton, and is aimed at 7 to 12 year olds.

Matt is cycling round town delivering the town’s last newspaper. The book takes us back to see stories from different moments in the history of the town. It is like a graphic novel/picture book/ bunch of newspaper clippings.





It made me think about how my grandparents used to do things. How I used to do things.

Like  –  post someone a letter instead of sending them a Facebook message or a text.

Like  – get the milk from the milkman.

Like  –  write everything by hand and then on a typewriter.

Like – only have two TV channels to pick from (we didn’t have a TV though).


With our newspapers under threat, they and have to keep reinventing themselves. This book is timely.

It is a book that will spark all kinds of discussions about who we are, who we have been and who we will be.


I got lots of ideas for poems in this book.  A changing times poem.

I loved it. It is a little treasure trove that you can spend hours engrossed in. Go  hunting!


Every class should have a copy of this book.






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