Ormond School Y3 and 4 imagine trees


Across the road from the school I saw the most wonderful trees. I love imagining things at the moment in my poems but using real detail too.

Year 3 to 5 used their imaginations to create trees in their poems. Some of them are short and some much longer.

It was so exciting watching the trees take shape on the page after the children collected words

Imaginations were zinging. Thank you so much for sharing your poems with me. I left your class dancing with poetry joy.



The Tree

Orange scratchy fruit, orange

yellow red leaves, brown

wavy branches scrape, pink blossoms

bump, brown holes where owls

live, the moon shimmers on

the green leaves, mad with

the wind. Bumpy pieces of bark

hang out, star leaves,

circle leaves, triangle leaves,

the branch reaches out and


Danielle Y5



Green yellow

rough chocolate bark

growing on a tree.

The tree towers over


words dripping off

dangling on the ground

swaying and dancing.


I stand head in the

air, admiring every



Some windy nights it

creaks and cracks

sending me to sleep,

sending me a lullaby,

verses made up

out of thin air.


Sometimes when it is

windy enough it will

howl and wail.

Red with anger at

the racket I

go outside and

sit at the roots

of the tree

standing tall in front

of me.


Patting its trunk, I say,

‘Don’t worry.’

With the wind

pushing me

I make my

way back

to my room

with no more

noise or

things to bother


Mei  Y4



My Tree

My tree

is tall and fat

rock hard

too hot at night

You can

go up until dusk

Old but sturdy

dark red leaves shine

covered with dark moss

shining in the moonlight.

Troy Y4


Tiny Smelly Old Dirty Black Tree

Tiny smelly old

dirt gnome

sitting in a dark gray

tree with


one leaf.

The branches

sway in the

wild wind.

Lollies hanging

off the old


Beck Y5


My Tree

My tree reminds me

of a mud slide.

My leaves look like

a snowman

with prickly fingers.







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