Ormond School – Y5 and 6 share their favourite places

Ormond School’s Y5 and 6 picked places they love to bring alive in a poem. I loved the way the poems did so many different things. Some tell stories. Some build pictures in your mind as you read. Some are long and some are like a little snapshot. Wonderful working with you on these. I have picked just a few to post.

We also had a go at native-bird picture poems. The whole class turned into a music studio as they hunted out sound patterns to make their pictures with. I have got to see some finished ones at the weekended and love the way the both look good and sound good. I have picked a few to post here but congratulations.

I loved working with you over the two days and with your teacher. I like the different directions you explored, the way you dove in and played with words. The great poetry hum in the classroom. Thank you for sharing your time and writing with me. It was very special.




Stained stripped, drifted wood

flung upon beaten shore

nuded as waves pull

away the furnishings.

Amy Y6




Landslides sneaking down mysteriously

horses gazing at me

lambs baaing ‘please’ noisily

we’re digging up shingle roads.

Old electric fences



some hum in a

wordly fashion.

Tractors go vroom

as if the


was hurting its


Punga trees sway

side to side

whispering a puzzling tune.

The smell of

fresh wood

lurking in the

yards down under.

Outside wild stock

give me a warning stare.

Pippa Y5



Olympic Pools

The clear crystal water

and the freezing frozen

air blowing on you

from jumping up high


Olympic pools are as

fun as Rainbow’s End

and splashy as a

whale’s tail.


The water is as

wavy as an ocean’s

rough splashes.


Goggles clear

as crystals,

tight like lycra.


Hot spas hot

like lava and

poppy like popcorn.

Preva Y6


Motor Cross

Start gates

the bikes are off

already they’re at the

jump, big wide steep

Dirt flying in the air

flags waving

people yelling


Jack Y6



Trickling,dripping sparkles

Pooling in the water

Drip, drip, drip into

the creek.

Rushing roaring river

crashing, cascading creek

splashing stream

water sliding down

the rock face,

hesitantly leaving the pool.

Rata Y6


The golden sands of the east.

Golden scorching sand
Drifting in the wind
Wavy green blue
Crashing waves footprints
All shapes, all sizes
Joyous surfers
Ecstatic swimmers in
Calm waters
Foamy waves, the scent
Of driftwood
Wafts through the air
Relaxing sounds
Are everywhere
Splashing waters whistling
Wind squawking gulls
Walking towards the water
The nippy coldness
Circles my feet
Ow! Oh no a crab!
The alluring sands
Of the east.










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