St Cuthbert’s students invent birds and sing the praises of favourite places

What a wonderful time I had with the Y3 and 4 students. Here are a few examples of the writing we did. Thank you. I really loved our sessions together. You were so focused!


My Home

The hot summer sun

shining bright

my puppy howling with fur

shimmering in the sun.

My cat snoring all day long.

I feel at home.

Eva Y3


The Other Side of the Cliff

Water hits my shoes

The breeze rushes by my face

I see my house up on the cliff

Big logs are on the ledge

Tumbled bits of dirt and stone

Small pink stones in the tide pools

Moss on the smooth wet rocks

It looks very old to me.

I see birds squawking and flapping

Or perched on mossy stones

Further in the ocean,

I see stranded rocks

A few meters away from me.

The cliff is very interesting.

Victoria Y3


My Bird

My bird is a bird of lava and fire

its body is a bright rainbow colour

its beak glows and is bright orange

its tail is very very white.

My bird grows claws that are dark grey.

It looks as beautiful as a peacock and as

dangerous as a rattle snake.

its petrifying call goes ‘crackle


Gliding high up in the burning red

no-one can find my bird except me.

This bird is magic and I

love it forever.

‘Crackle crackle.’

Sophia Y3


MY AJF Ocean Bird

My bird has a beak

curved like a snail’s shell.

Pop! Crack! goes my bird

like a crumbling building.


His big black wings

circle the ocean.

Red! Pink! Purple!

flash like fireworks,

very few live in trees

as they swish around.

These birds are not flightless

as they love to adventure.


The two breeds are the AJF,

one has a sweet fragrance

of flowers and honey,

the other is the fish

ocean bird.

Francesca Y4


My Bird

It’s like a bird cross cat but has a quarter

pound of dog, a pinch of horse and

rainbow. It’s black with shining blue.

If you take a photo, it chases after

you. It has a horse’s tail. It vomits

rainbows and sits on them. A nose

like a dog. It acts like a showoff

by flapping, floating, soaring

striking and lives on candyfloss

clouds and you might not believe

it but it’s very true. When it’s up in

clouds, it watches over you!

Eva Y3
















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