St Cuthbert’s Y2 students go to the moon (Wow!) and a writing group write up a storm of cats

I find the imagination of Y2 students so refreshing. I felt inspired by the moon poems — by the little bits that glinted for my eye and my ear. I really loved my one session with you. Thank you for diving into the moon and coming up with glorious poems.


Shiny Moon

Shiny moon silvery moon

my moon sparkly moon

peaceful moon white moon

my moon helps me

go to sleep.

Isabella Y2


The Moon

White gray black moon

we see it

in the night

it looks like

a man

it’s sparkly

and bright

it’s a bedside

lamp when I


but all of us

know we’re

not allowed

to explore it.

Maddie Y2



The moon is

very rocky

white yellow

and blue.

Sometimes at

night I stay

up to look

at the moon.

It looks very far

away. And also very

sparkly. Sometimes

I imagine it’s

a potato and

I imagine I’m

eating it. It

reflects down

on the water

and looks just

like a mirror

and sometimes

it comes

out at day.

It sparkles. It twinkles.

Chloe Y2



The Moon

The moon is

like a fluffy


white red and


light shines the


That is my favourite


because it reminds

me of my aunt.

Sienna Y2


The Moon

The moon is sparkly

and bright, it is

like a fluffy pillow

in the sky,


Sofia F Y2


The Moon

White blue and red

sparkles glows and twinkles

blank sky when the moon

lights the way

the lovely bright moon

Sophie Y2



I also did a small workshop with a collection of students who love writing from a range of ages. We did cat poems. I love the way the students went off in direction cat directions. Thanks for all your creative energy!


My Cat Poem

Green grass that my

cat likes to run



He is white and grey like

a cloud,

slurping water

really loudly,

fluffy but fat

running like the


stretching like

a rubber band,


sitting as

still as a



I love my cat.

Lilyana Y6


The Cat

My gray, white and

brown cat likes to

lie flat and have

a little naughty time

and tease the dog. My cat

loves the black hat,

he sleeps

in there, eats in there and

then never ever comes

out …

Isabelle  Y4


Fat Cat

The cat is woken

anger through the brain,

stretches, arches


liver-food smell covers

the ramshackle house,

the lazy cat prowls

to a tree,

sneaks to the kitchen

looking for food,


back to the couch

to sleep

until …

Anna Y6


The Cat

It prowls

It arches

on the couch

lazy as can be,

climbs up a tree,


Anna H Y6




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