Sharing a love of Bethells Beach

Yesterday I did a writing workshop with Year 7 and 8 students at my local school (Waitakere School). It was very special spending time with children who love the same places as me.

It was also a special time because this is a spectacular, rural neighbourhood — and the children  wrote poems that brought this place alive. I loved the way every child produced a poem and each poem delivered a gold nugget – an image, a word, a phrase, a line. I loved the energy in the room, the way the children were itching to share what they had written. The way the teachers and Associate Principal got stuck in and engaged with the writing.

This was a highlight of my week — I look forward to posting a bunch of the finished poems.


In the meantime here is a draft of what Campbell was working on. Poems deliver many joys. One of them is the way a word sparks next to another word. Campbell’s word choices do this so beautifully but they also build a picture as you read. Wonderful!


The Last Rain of Autumn

Desert screeching hailing pouring

sparking waves rolling

splattered peaks metal tips

blossom in the glimpse


Campbell Y7



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