Oh lovely Port Chalmers

This week I am visiting the South Island school that won the Fourth Fabulous Poetry Competition: Port Chalmers School. 

On Monday I left the wild grey Auckland that was bucketing with rain and landed in the bright blue warmth of Dunedin. Wonderful. 

Today though, the wind was biting and clouds were showering me in rain. I love going to places I have never been before. 

Port Chalmers School is a real find. It’s a small school that goes to Y8 and the students are sizzling with enthusiasm and ideas. The teachers are equally so. 

I had such a wonderful day working with children. We did interactive poetry in the hall for 90 minutes and the youngest children were giving ideas the whole way through. Outstanding!

I did two 90 minute workshops and loved the way children got stuck in and tried things. I can’t wait to post some of their poems.  

In the last class, Y5 and 6, I took some photos of the walls. Both classes were such warm and inviting spaces. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow! Such a big day I am ready to go t0 sleep!

Check out these gorgeous walls:




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