At Port Chalmers birds are hiding in the pages

I visited the Y3 and 4 class at Port Chalmers School and we did bird poems. So great to see the pens scratching and native birds flapping and fluttering on the page. I loved the way the children tested and played and explored poem paths.

Here are a few scrumptious bird poems that had got to this stage in our session.


Dark Night Hunter

The black night fights

with dark hunters

claws like knives

beaks like swords

harmless to us

shy and scared

digs down


Evening light rises

tired hunter sleeps

Jayden Y4





Splashing rustling

making hand spans

along the swamp


claws digging into earth

making ground crumble

eyes staring ahead


blue feathers rustle

stalking now


staring eyes

eyeing reeds

Nico Y4


Flappy Fantail

Deadly winds

blowing towards little fantail

trying to swoop down

fluffy feathers keeping warmth

stomach shouting for food,

I hope the gust escapes.



Colourful Parakeet

Gliding in the sky

soars around trees

green like lime

blue like blueberries

yellow like sunflowers

red like a fire


Feet like little twigs

swaying above the trees

flapping wings like crazy

claws dark and fierce

tail long and straight

fluffy as a bush

colourful and bright

Maya Y3


Cheeky Fantail

Cheeky little fantail flying

through the air with

its fluffy wings.


Today it’s soft

as silk

sharp brown, white and



So cheeky little fantail

flies through the air

trying to find food

for the baby fantails,

and the fantail lands.

Jaime Y4
















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