At Port Chalmers: Fly me to a poem moon

The Year 2 students at Port Chalmers School are so inventive when it comes to the moon.

Little beautiful moons began to glow on the page as the poems grew and shone.


I have such a soft spot for moon poems so how special to make these with you all.

The moon poems were all spectacular but here are a few for you to enjoy.



The moon glows in the night

it twinkles in the dark sky

it’s like diamonds in a cave

the moon reminds me

of apples

Adelphi Y2


The Moon

White as a light

blinding my eyes

Astronauts jumping

craters, it’s bumpy

on the moon

Olivia Y2


The Moon

The moon is shimmering

it is like gold

it’s like a

little bulb

it blinds my eyes

I like the moon.

Charlie Y2


Sparkles of the Moon

The moon sparkles in

dark light


the silver dome


The moon is in

space as it twinkles

silver and white

watch it as it


Rosa Y2


The Moon

The moon shivers

it shines bright

rockets blasting off

it moves slowly

it is yellow

George Y3


The Shapes of the Moon

New moon crescent moon

half moon

grid moon full moon

the moon is silver

Sammi Y2



2 thoughts on “At Port Chalmers: Fly me to a poem moon

  1. Sammi

    Thanks for visiting I wrote this poem for you:
    By Sammi

    Paula Green came to visit our school
    Poems poems and more
    We hope you visit our school again
    We love you


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