At Port Chalmers the walls are stunning and the poems are humming

photo 1

photo 2

When I visited the Year 0-1 class at Port Chalmers School, we made up some poems together.

I really loved the ideas and words they came up with. Our time went by in a flash and I was sad to leave.

I also loved the gorgeous letter and flower paintings on the walls. They even had some birds that joined in with the poems (excuse the blurry photo).


Our four delicious poems:



Cold rain

click click rain

shower-drop rain

pouring rain

pip pip rain

hailing rain

wet rain

little m & m rain

beautiful rain


A Very, Very Cold Day

Cold chins and cold hands

The clouds are grey

I wear winter woollies

gold mittens and silver hats

brrrr    brrrr    brrrr

I lie on a soft couch

and drink hot chocolate

slurp slup slurp slup

Warm chins and warm hands

snug snug snug


The Cat

Fluffy pom-pom cat

brown fur

green eyes

wire whiskers

wild sharp claws

long swishing tail


My cat eats

fish and cat biscuits

sausages and banana bread


My cat likes

to chase dogs and mice and

sleep on the mail box.



Pizza (after Pauline Cartwright’s spaghetti poem)

Pizza is cheesy

pizza is meaty.

It’s salami

and pineapple

and ham

and tomato.

It’s sticky and crunchy

and yum yum yum yummy

Is there more on the plate?

I like it so much.



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