making patterns at Port Chalmers

My last session at Port Chalmers was with a group of students who loved writing. I gave them two challenges. We played with form and made a poem using a pattern of repeating lines. We hooked up a memory and told a little story within the pace of a poem. I loved the echoey sound of the pattern poems and the vividness of the memories.

This was my last session at the school so it was really sad to say goodbye and set off on the long journey home. I still have poems to post from the older children, but thank you everyone for a fabulous visit. I didn’t even mind the biting cold!


I loved working with you all – do send me your poems if you finish them. Remember to include year and name of school.


A Drop of Rain

Deep heavy rain

like metal shavings

Deep heavy rain

dances through the air

like a zigzag

sounds like big angry bears

Deep heavy rain

Joshua Y6



A raging rain

wild like a lion

A raging thunderstorm

zapping tall objects

A pain that shall

not pass when hit

A raging thunderstorm

Connor age 12


A Cloud

When the clouds move

everything feels like a sloth

slowly and subtly

when the clouds move

I hear squawks

I see dancing wings

I feel the wind

when the clouds move

Sersha Y6



The dark, moonlit sky

Stars simmer like glitter

The dark, moonlit sky

Swishes of blue mixed together

Shining down on us

The moon starts to brighten

The dark, moonlit sky

Poppy Y7


Christmas Poem

Open eyes

mumbled voices

lot of bright lights.

People gather

can’t speak

just cry.


Everyone gathering around

opening gifts

then someone walks over

and gives me

a box

and the night sky

was dark

then eyes close again

George Y8


Laughing Out of Fear

The car ascends the track

I hold on tight

I am unmoved

We slow to red light

I march back in line

Seldom calm

Mahia Y6


The Elephant Seal

A golden site

heavy grey lump

like a lifeless body

as baby moves further away

people sneak closer

mother gets angry

and creeps closer

everyone moves away.

Josh Y6



Dark vision

taste of excitement

my legs getting heavier

blind folded

light exploding

peaches and cream making it brighten

Najila Y6








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