poems from Waitakere; my local school!

I have got poem mail!

I  invited the students to send me poems after my workshop recently. Here are a few that arrived in my mailbox (my gmail account shut down for 3 or 4 days so things went haywire! Half my mail has gone missing).

I was especially delighted to see the strong detail and the attention to sound.

Thank you. I so loved my time with you.


Soccer Field
Holes that could break ankles
Wind chilling your spine
Parents getting frustrated
Place of friendship and teamwork
By Jack Y8


The Tournament

Basketballs bounce in counter rhythm

Violent shouts

Coach’s screams

Over aggressive play

Sour smell of overheated bodies

Jousting sharp elbows

By Wade Y8



The snarling waves swallowed
the once calm sea, and attacked the debris-covered
sand. There is no way to escape this hunting beast
that sooner or later will send me to my watery grave.

Fraeya Y7/8



Speed Way

Banning, crashing

Demolition to the max

Flipping and smacking agents, the wall

The best place to be

Smoking engines, tiers flying

Heart pounding, pumping racing

The future me

Maddy Y8



Shouting squeals echoed here,
Sparkling water lapped
Pohutukawa trees watched
The dock invited
I smile- remembering.
I now see breezy ghosts
It’s us – me and friends.
We’re like a distorted photograph.
Reality fades back now
Pohutukawa trees sway
The dock awaits
Dull water calms.
I’m glad that all happened.

Alicia Y8


The Beach

Blue, white and black

Nature’s potion surrounds

Sitting, watching and burning

Ripples of heat undulate

Drifting, calling and dancing

Foreign waves collide

Laughing, screaming and sprinting

Hearts pulse with the ocean

Alice Y8


Tauranga Bay

Scuttling legs, piercing pincers,

Armoured bodies, hidden beneath dark crevasses,

Rushing waves, salty weeds,

Murky water, concealing fishy deeds,

Grained sand, warmed marble,

Oyster catchers nesting, letting out their high piercing warble,


Tuatua, mussels, both shelled well,

One resides under wave while the other prefers rock,

Fixed to its home by an unbeatable lock,

Wind scarred dunes, mottled by grass,

green like the seaweed, shining like glass,

Sun on the waves, orange and yellow,

Into the sunset, as the tide turns mellow.

Ngakau Y8


Bethells Cafe

The stars shone like fire

The rich blue night sky

The sand on my feet

The lights from the band

The smell: burgers and chips

The sounds: a sweet melody

The taste: a rich happiness

The dunes: a Te Henga shape

Molly B



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