Why I love Vasanti Unka’s Stripes! No, Spots!

9780143506966   9780143506966

Vasanti Unka Stripes! No, Spots! Puffin



Vasanti Unka’s new picture book is scrumptious in every way.

Vasanti illustrated one of my favourite books by Kyle Mewburn: Hill & Hole.

She has won lots of prizes. The Boring Book was the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year in 2014. Outstanding. It is the least boring book in the universe. I adored it!


Vansanti’s new book is EYE catching with a big, bold, beautiful cover.

It is the story of Tiger and Leopard who have a giant squabble over spots and stripes.

This leads to war which leads to a ceasefire.

What happens next is INGENIOUS!


(shshshsh … you need to read it to find out )


I love the simple language that makes the story pop and twist.

I love the illustrations that sing and shimmy, especially the faces of Tiger and Leopard. Such personality.

I love the pages that open out to double page spreads.

I love the way you can find the ending hiding in the beginning.

I love the creative solution to a SQUABBLE.

Marvelous. I highly recommend this picture book.







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