The joys and jumps of Queen Charlotte Track – a poet goes walking – and a little letter challenge

Just over a week ago, I got to walk the Queen Charlotte Track and it was utterly amazing. I felt like at every step my boots and pockets filled with little poems.


I wondered if this has ever happened to you! Let me know. Will post your letter about a time that filled you with poetry.

So now I am busy writing little poems. I am glad I have this inspiration because on Day Three I fractured my foot! It was a wild and stormy day and I thought trees might blow over. I even came to a sign that said in gales trees might blow over and land on you. Scary! Twice I slipped on wet rocks and twisted my foot.

I had to walk for six hours on my sore foot (already walked for four) which was tough but I made up some cool poem games in my head which took my mind off the pain.

I would love to walk the track again but in glorious weather because Day Three was a symphony of grey not dazzling blue as far as the eye can see.

But this was such a cool thing to do. My mind is buzzing. Which is good as now I am stuck resting my foot up for ages. Perfect time to read and write in my notebook.

So here some photos from my best walking holiday ever!



We got to see heaps of dolphins on the mail boat over but


my favourite was the seal wanting to swim like a dolphin. I get to see the lumbery seals on the sand at Bethells but such GRACE when they swim in the water.


The start of the walk at Ship’s Cove filled me with voices from the past.



Great views on Day one and


surprising things on the path. We came across a bulldozer in the middle of nowhere and had to squeeze past.



A cheeky weka after my lunch!


More spectacular views!


I wanted to dive into the water at Endeavour inlet but the wind was whippety and cool.


I love salmon for dinner. YUM!!


Does anyone ever ring this bell?


A welcome dog like a welcome mat!


Not scared of this swing bridge!


A strange wee shop in the middle of nowhere.


A cool chair in the middle of nowhere and my trusty stick that got me home!


The dog that meets the mail boat and gets a dog biscuit!


Loved these signs just when I needed them Someone put their signature on them too! Little art works.


The storm day with rain and grey and


gales! Poetry games in my head now one foot after the sore other!



This is what we woke up to after the storm. Now to get home to Auckland on one foot (boat, car, plane, car) !


Sad to leave on Day Four! The sun is now shining! Beautiful boat ride.

IMG_2885Made it to Blenheim with my stick for



yummo pizza lunch.



Air NZ was so helpful and let my stick goes as luggage so I could walk with it in Auckland. They gave me a wheel-chair ride to the plane which was fun.

So now I am resting up in a moon boot and whizzing on crutches while my bone mends.

I have lots to read and lots to write. So as they say it could be worse!

It was an AMAZING holiday and I do hope you get there one day if you haven’t already!

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