Timeline: A Visual History of Our World: A wondrous book – a must-have, utterly marvelous mustering of history for children



Timeline: A Visual History of Our World Peter Goes Gecko Press


This gorgeous book by Gecko Press is big! It is as wide as a loaf of bread and as a tall as one and half loaves. The book takes you back in time and then takes you through time with intricate illustrations and fascinating facts. The illustrations are sensational. Really!

I wanted to read the whole book before I shared it with you but that would mean I not sharing it with you until next year! We can’t have that because this book belongs under every Christmas tree. I spend ages on each page because each page fills me with questions. There is so much to discover about the past, about the complicated world we live in.

Each page has curious facts that are like little stepping stones to curious thinking, to wanting to know more.


Curious fact one:

The oldest boat that has ever been found in the world so far was found in The Netherlands about 10,000 years ago. WoW! I spent ages thinking about this. Imagine looking at the water and thinking about the fish in the water and inventing something to get you further out. You couldn’t copy the models of other canoes. Extraordinary. I marvel at the minds that invented those first boats. We have a history of inventing things to make our lives easier.


Curious fact two:

Dogs (not cats) were the first tamed animals. I started to wonder why we tamed cats and dogs!



Curious fact three:

Dinosaur comes from two Greek words deinos = terrible sauros = lizard and so dinosaur means terrible lizard. Ha! Were all dinosaurs terrible? Do we have mammals we would call terrible nowadays?


When you step into this magnificent book you step into the very first villages, the time of the Vikings or the Egyptians or the Ming Dynasty. I can’t wait to visit the decades of the twentieth century.


If you have a curious mind, you love fascinating things, and you want to discover more about how the world got to be a world of speed and dazzle, towns and paddocks, ideas and inventions … then this is this book for you.

I adore this book! Everyone in my family is queuing up to read it! Bravo Gecko Press what a gift you have given in publishing this book.










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