Poetry Box WRAPS up 2015 – Happy holidays dear young poets and some thank yous and shiny stars




The sun is shining. It is warm enough to swim (I can’t until my foot mends!). The strawberries are plump red treats to eat from my garden. Even if I am a bit restricted with a fractured foot, life is good!

Ah summer is here! This means Poetry Box is going on holiday. I am not sure how the blog will work next year but I will make plans.

Thank you so much for sending me emails and poems in 2015.


I have loved visiting schools and meeting so many wonderful children and teachers eager to read and write poems.


I got to have very special times in Northland, Gisborne, Dunedin and South Auckland. Thank you so much St Cuthbert’s School, Fairburn School, Ormond School and Port Chalmers School where I got to stay longer than a day. What warm welcomes. What outstanding writing. And how wonderful to spend a whole week on my home turf (Northland) thanks to the National Library and The New Zealand Book Council).

I also loved the letters from children and teachers to let me know a book arrived or thank me for feedback on your writing. So often we don’t take time to do this, so when we do, it is extra special.

I am feeling a bit sad because one of the very first fans of Poetry Box, Ewen Wong from Christchurch, is off to Secondary School next year. You are my Young Poet of the Year and I wish you all the very best for your writing discoveries. I have loved sharing your work and do hope you keep in touch. I am sending you a book to say thank you! You are a star.


Thank you to the Lovewell Poetry Family in Whitby who have brightened my days with fabulous poems and contributions. You are also simmering stars. I will pop a book in the post for you too.


Thank you to all the wonderful school librarians especially Crissi Blair at St Cuthbert’s who has been a great promoter of the blog.


A big thank you to the New Zealand Book Council (Catriona Ferguson and Lynette Hartgill) and The National Library (Jeannie Skinner and Elizabeth Jones). You are such supporters of the blog.


Thanks to every child, parent, teacher and librarian who read, wrote or shared a poem this year. You are luminous stars!



A challenge: During the holidays I encourage you to find a little notebook and fill it with poems. Send me your favourite one at the end of the holidays. Go exploring on my blog for poetry tips and starting ideas. paulajoygreen@gmail.com


Happy holidays, safe holidays, happy poetry days

warmest regards from

Paula  xxx




1 thought on “Poetry Box WRAPS up 2015 – Happy holidays dear young poets and some thank yous and shiny stars

  1. The Lovewells

    We are always delighted to read the fabulous work you share from the kids you inspire Paula (and We’ll miss reading Ewen’s poems!). Enjoy a relaxing xmas, and we look forward to seeing what poetry box looks like in 2016 🙂 Thanks for everything, from the Lovewells.


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