Poetry Box March Blog: Poetry is Play


I  love to play with words no matter what I am writing.

When I write a poem I like to have fun.

So this month your challenge is to play with words.

I like to hear and see what happens when I put a word next to another word.


Use my tips however you like! All my rules CAN be broken!

I will publish some of my favourite poems on the last day of March. I will have a book for at least one young poet. This is not a competition …. think of it is a PLAYFUL challenge!


YOU can ALWAYS use EXTRA Words NOT just the ones you COLLECT!

  1. Think of a subject.
  2. Collect some words. Use your senses to help collect them. Get 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 5o. You choose! The more the better.
  3. Make a word pattern poem with only 3 or 4 or 5 of the words. Repeat them in different ways. Listen and look!
  4. Use some of the words to write a short poem on the subject but use NO adjectives or adverbs (maximum 20 words).  Now rewrite your poem and out in some juicy adjectives.
  5. Write a poem using some of your words and  use no more than three words on the line.
  6. Play with how many words you use on the line.
  7. Hide something in your poem for me to find.
  8. Play with the ending. Will it surprise me? Put a smile on my face? Make me feel something? Sound good?
  9. Set your poem out so it looks different on the page or screen.
  10. Play with how your poems tell me a little story.
  11. Play with how you leave gaps or white space in your poem.
  12. Play with what happens at the end of the line.
  13. Pick three of things in this list to play with in one poem.
  14. hmmm … just thinking! your choice
  15. Think of three favourite things you like and out them all in the same poem.
  16. Find three surprising similes and put them all in the same poem.
  17. Think of something that has happened to you that sticks in your mind. Tell me some things about it in your poem but keep some things to yourself.
  18. Let you imagination go wild in a poem.
  19. Write a poem where you have to imagine what it is like to be somewhere you have never been or be someone you have never met. Play with the idea.
  20. Write a really really really small poem. Try it a few ways. Play with it!


Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Deadline:  27th March.

Include your name, age, year and name of school.

You can include your teacher’s email address.

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