Ohakune Primary School thank you!

Today was my first school visit of the year. I am not doing many while I write my big book. It was extra special because I have never been to a school in the middle of the North Island. I love this school. It reminded me of why I love being a children’s author.

The students and staff were so enthusiastic about poetry. So warm and friendly.


Here are a few poems we made up.

Years 0 to 4


The Cat

White cat

walking climbing catching

eats dog food

eats grass

jumping playing purring

sleeps under a couch.



NZ Native Creatures

The frog’s jumping

like a kangaroo

on the lily pad.

The mountain moth is flying

like a bird.

The takahe is eating

by the pond.

The owl’s sleeping.


Years 4 to 8



Shiny blue feathers

dipping diving

flipping and flapping

webbed feet spreading

females growling

down on the rapids

whistling through the air.



Mt Ruapehu

Like a tub

of cookies and cream

glistening, gleaming, freezing

chairlifts march up the hill

shaved ice on the side

draped in white lace

goosebumps on my skin.



I have some cool photos I will post.




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