A very lovely cluster of books from Gecko Press

  1. The Pencil by Paula Bossio




This is a board book with coloured pencil drawings that is really really really really cool! Imagine a girl following a pencil line and seeing where it leads her.

It is not so much where the line goes but what the line becomes.


A skipping rope

something to slip and curl and slip and curl down

a whirligig ball for a whirligig girl

big beautiful bubbles to blow and blow

and ………………………………………….oh!

I can’t give e v e r y t h i n g  away!

You will have to read this very gorgeous book yourself.


I am wondering how I can use the idea for a poem.



2. How to Be Famous by Michal Shalev




This is a very very very groovy book about some very groovy and very famous pigeons.

Any pigeon who is not famous is NOT from their family.

The star of the book who is telling the story is a famous model.

The star pigeon has such a big mouth! What a show off!


And the book has a very cunning ending that fits a famous pigeon with a very BIG mouth!



3. Detective Gordon: A Complicated Case by Ulf Nilsson illustrated by Gitte Spee


cv_a_complicated_case.jpg cv_a_complicated_case.jpgcv_a_complicated_case.jpg


If you like the sound of a detective toad

whose best friend is Buffy the mouse

and who adores eating cakes

and has so much courage

stored inside of him

and does a tremendous amount of sleeping

and dreaming and going

out on secret missions

and showing kindness

then ….


…. this is just the book for you!


Happy Easter! You can still try my March poetry challenges!

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