Some favourite playful poems

Oscar's Poetry Challenge.jpg

Oscar, aged 8, Red Beach School


What a fabulous lot of poems arrived in the month of March.

All I challenged you to do was to play with words.

I have picked some favourites but please try my April challenge if you missed out this time! I loved them all!

I am sending  a book to Daniel and Rylee.

I love the way some poems are short and are some are long!


Thank you!


My Dream Summer

Up comes the sun

Fresh breeze,

Summer smell,

New day


Swimming in the ocean


lobster catching,

Sand castle building


Down goes the sun

Stars come up,

Wrapped in blankets by the fire,

Toasting marshmallows


Up comes the moon


Shooting stars,

Waiting for tomorrow
By Mika J, age 10, Gladstone School


New Bug

New Bug

Eats cake

When he’s hungry.


Bug sleeps

Under the bed

Growing old.


Old Bug

Living still.

Doesn’t have food.


Bug is on the verge of life

Under the bed

Ghastly pale.


Bug is dead

Under the bed.

Growing up is a New Bug.


By Emma N  Gladstone School


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.30.46 PM.png


Pieta, age 10, Y6, St Andrew’s Preparatory School


Deep Dark Caves
​Shadows moving,
As gloomy as a dark, dark cellar,
Echoes like spooky ghosts,
No light, pitch black,
Suddenly rocks start to shake,
Earth Quake!
Rocks and boulders start to crumble,
Your exit is blocked,
Your worst nightmare has come true,
What are you going to do?!

Megan S, 9 years old, St Andrew’s College.


From work to play!

At work

I earn my pork

Down at the port

Where I sort

Through all the soot

Until I put my timecard in the slot


At home I peek through the slat

And see a dragon I need to slay….

It’s my little boy, who’s been waiting for me to come home and play


Gemma (Age 10, Y6, Adventure School): I chose the words for my poem by doing a word play game.  I changed “work” 1 letter at a time until I got to “play”, and then I used all the words I made whilst doing that to help build my poem.













My Floating Island

On my floating Island I have a Castle,

I am the King of the Island.

A mysterious liquid called water,

Flooded my luxury home.

I had to run fast,

Soon I was at the top of the Castle.

Stranded on my Island I swam a million kilometres,

And got to New Zealand,

And started to write this poem.

And now it is finished.


By Alexander F, Age 6,  Ilam Primary School



In the snowy mountains pockets of feathers
lie in the river-mouth.
oily wings
leak from
the moreporks above,
tiptoeing eggs
fall from the willows.

Rylee 8 years St Andrew’s College


Meeting the Writer

The trees are still by the rocky beach as an old man gazes far and wide

I ask him “what you doing?”

A muffled whisper comes out with his breath

His pencil started squiggling upon the full square moon

As I read I floated away to many magnificent fantasy places

As I slip here and there pictures and ideas I’ve never had spring up in my head

Until the wind stood still and I realised I was stuck until the old man slumped back

Help! Help! Help!

Sophia D, age 8, Y4, Ilam School


Dear X-Reader

I am the crumpled up newspaper you threw in the bin last Friday.

And I have some questions for you!

Why didn’t you read me!

You just chucked me out.

I could’ve done some good for the world.

So I made a list of everything I could have been…

I could have been a fire starter, recycling, which is what I really wanted to be, a rocket, for your son, or a paper airplane!

See there are heaps of things I could have been.

But of course, You didn’t let me!

So now you know my  questions I expect an answer.

Yours NOT sincerely,

The crumpled up newspaper you threw in the bin last Friday.

​Erica B, Year 8, 12 Year old, Selwyn House School



Other rockets land on the moon.
I walk over the moon bumps.
Salt drys my tongue
I struggle to breathe.
Enchanted stars pull me into a broad sleep.


Emily L, Y7, age 11, Selwyn House School


Midnight in New York
Bright lights
On till dawn.
Laughter of those
in the trance of the night.
The stars dance
around the Chrysler building.
Puddles of life.
The life of the night.

Xanthe M age: 9, Selwyn House School



I am a surfer
Making the ocean go wild.
Scraping my board across the water.
Suddenly the waves start curling around
Sucking in slicks of water
Building up with suspense over the back of me
Pulling over my head,
Then smashing on top of me.
I know this is the end.
The end of my town.
The end of my surfing style.
I start to close my eyes.

Mel L, Age 9, Selwyn House School

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.16.42 PM.png

Daniel L, age 7, Year 3, Adventure School



Gliding across the clear blue sky,
Looking down below,
Climbing through cracks and crevices,
Leaping from building to building.
I am a hang-glider,
I am a climber,
I am a daredevil.
Touching the clear blue sky.

By Kate W, age: 9, year: 6, Fendalton Open-air School

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