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these are some of my favourite THING poems

The Violin by Lachlan Hunter age 9.jpg

Lachlan age 9 Year 5 Russley School


Thank you for sending in poems about things. I loved reading them all and they were all so different. I had to take screen shots of some to keep the layout.

I HAD SO MANY to read. Wow! This was a very popular challenge.

I loved the flow of words in  Phoebe‘s poem and the little bits of repetition. This is a poem that sounds very good. It is surprising. I loved the mood and sounds of the lines in Emily‘s poem and the words in Zoe G‘s move like a bow. I love the way Xanthe‘s poem looks like the bristles of a toothbrush and Lachlan‘s looks like a violin. I love the pattern in Hannah‘s poem, the time-capsule idea in Laura‘s poem and the Lily‘s skinny poem.

I love the way Daisy-Jane becomes a piano!

Finley, Liam and Grace keep their things secret in their poems so we can guess what it is. Very imaginative. Loved all poems from this class but could only pick a few.

Polina‘s poem had such a strong mood, Charlotte used such warm doggy detail, Anika imagined so beautifully and what a terrific bunch of poems from Russley School. Such magnificent detail. Such great sounds as I read each line. I like the way you made some of them into pictures. I loved the way students at Waverley Park School collaborated using both imagination and ears hard at work.These poems flowed beautifully and hooked my attention.

Every poem deserved a spot on here, but I could only pick a few.

Keep up the great writing! Wow!

Please don’t be disappointed if I didn’t pick you this time  – I can tell you all loved writing these.

Give my July challenge a go.

I am sending Phoebe a copy of The Letterbox Cat.



Soft fur

squeaky and snuggly

it came from my great grandma.

It is a toy panda


I sleep with it all the time.

When I cuddle with it

I think of her.

by Michaela E, age 7 yrs, Russley School



A Rag Doll

A rag doll,
sitting on the bed,
watching everything
like a crow over corn.

A rag doll,
sitting by the light
of the glowing lantern,
as orange as a
fire beam.

A rag doll,
cuddled up in bed
when the
light turns off.

Phoebe D, Age 9, Fendalton Open Air School



On the wall
protecting my memory
with a layer of glass.
Reminding me
of the good times we had.
It reminds me of her warm hugs
on a cold winter’s night,
and my mum’s warm breath on my neck
The faces in the picture beaming out at me.
The cracked glass distorts the photo.
The frayed corners
the only hint of age

Polina C Age: 11  Year 7  Selwyn House School




Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.49.07 AM.png

Rain Drop

A raindrop falls
down down down landing on the tip of a frog’s toe
Hopping all about the frog dances
All around jumping and diving
In the puddles Looking at the swamp
That surrounds him
Then he leaps away
Landing where he once lay.

Emily L  Selwyn House School  12 years old



Ice cream,
Piped up high,

A princesses dress,
Finished with bows,

Light catching the point,

Roasted over the fire,

Dissolving in your mouth,

Poised on one leg,

Shining in the sun,


The colour of love.

Hannah Age 12, Year 7, Selwyn House School


The Notebook

She spills her heart and soul into its pages
Ink dapples the paper
But it is not ink to her
It is her memories and her joys
Her fears and her dreams
Her secrets and her sorrows
One day she will look back on it and remember
Until that day it is a time capsule
Waiting to be opened.

 Laura D 10 years old Year 6 at Stanmore Bay School


Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.13.27 AM.png

Lily, aged 10, Year 6, Fendalton Open Air School


It just sits there waiting
Jaws closed, saliva ready
Eyes set on the brown portal
That releases new prey.

Suddenly the jaws open
Showing the deepness of its throat
And as the liquid drops into his its throat
The roar sends it down.

Finley B (11)- (The toilet) St Martins School, Christchurch



Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.59.05 PM.png

It hangs there, lifeless
A dark mass of material
Surrounded by darkness
The door creaks open.

Her fingers reach out
Grasping it
Placing it upon her shoulders.

Grace O (10) (The coat) Year 6 St Martins School


Treasure Box

It holds a land of gold and comfort
A smell of roses and lavender
A wish book
ten for each person

Everyone you meet has this something special
So some can fly
some may sit clouds
Some may heal or have X-Ray vision
That’s what I know
I have been there

Anika B age 8 Year 4 St Andrews Prep School



He sticks to his loved ones.
He leaves a bit of himself with them.
A headless horseman
Twisting his saddlebag,
Kicking its spurs to grow faster.
Sleek and smooth
His horse is.

Liam G (9) Year 5 St Martins School (A glue stick)



Long, sharp, white teeth as pointy as a pin.

Long, fluffy, warm inky black fur with round patches of blond fur.

Pointy ears like a cone and as fluffy as a Minky blanket.

A deep, loud bark that travels around the neighbourhood.

A canine, my best friend. Gracie.

By Charlotte M 7 years old Year 3 Homeschool


Cell Phone

I hear my sister’s alarm

clicking and ticking

The ring tone vibrating crazily

like a mad dog.

She plays annoying songs and

I turn into the Hulk.

by Zion S, 8 years old, Russley School



Rusty red guitar,

found in my Dad’s garage.

The strings, the smell of an

old bronze medal.

The frets, the colour of hot, burnt toast.

It reminds me, of my Papa playing with it.

The funky rhythms, the beautiful tunes,

old school lyrics and Nana singing along.

By Taralina L year 7, age 12, Russley School

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.43.06 AM.png

Gloomy Piano

I sit here all day…

Waiting for Beethoven

Lily comes in and slams my tongue down on my chin

She clunks with her elbows again and again and

again and again on my freshly moisturised face

I screech an F sharp!

By Daisy-Jane       Year 7           Age 11


The Skate That Rolled

A once special human

Fought in the war

Wearing a blue top

With red, yellow and white stripes

His feet moved like wheels

So fast, so smooth

His arms were like toothpicks

Thin and narrow

He was wrapped in love

Tied up

He is gone

He never existed

He was the

Skate that rolled

By Zoe (11) and Anna (10) Waverley Park School, Invercargill Room 11


Thrashed around in the stormy sea
Dented lid
Rust covered
Scratched paint
Padlock broken
Golden metal handles
Cracked inside
Beaten by colossal waves
Washed up on the sandy sea shore
Rust covered
Treasure chest

By Seryn (10) Priscilla (9) Annabelle (10) Amber (9) Waverley Park School
Room 11


Final Piece

Building with my fingers

hands sliding over

the dimpled lego bricks

hands fumbling through

the instructions

trying to turn the page

breathing becomes heavy as

the final piece falls into place

Lego house.

Joe D (10) Waverley Park School Room 11



Poetry Box June challenge – I love poems with things in them



Now that winter is here, and the fire is roaring, the soup simmering and the wind whipping about our house like a mad dog, it is time to snuggle into good books and a spot of poetry writing!

This month I challenge you to write a poem about a thing.

It might be something you love or something someone in your family loves.

It might be comfortable, strange, old, new, surprising. Maybe you don’t like it that much at all!

It might move. It might stay still. But it is not alive. It is an object.


I love poems with things in them.


You might use the thing to tell a teeny tiny story.

You might hide how you feel about the thing in your poem.

You might use words to take a photo of your thing.

You might not ever say what the thing is.


You might use the thing to write a poem about a person (tricky!). Maybe it is something favourite of your mum or dad!


You need to think carefully about how you start and end your poem. Have a few tries and then pick your favourites.

HOT TIP: Try hunting for lots of good words before you start writing!


ANOTHER HOT TIP: Listen to the sound of every line so your ears can tell if your poem flows well.


SEND your poem to

DEADLINE Tuesday June 28th

Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email if you like.

P l e a s e    p u t   ‘Thing poem’ in the subject line of your email.

I will pick some favourites to post on the blog and have a book for at least one reader and maybe even a book for a class.

I will post on Thursday June 30th.