Gecko Press Books always put a smile on my face: three new books did just that!

One GOOD book can spark a lifetime of reading

When I get a bundle of books from Gecko Press, they are wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a little sticker. Such a treat to open.

They are ALWAYS good to hold. I love watching TV and walking on the beach and riding my bike but having a good book in your hand is such a GOOD feeling.

It’s like sitting in front of a cracklingly GOOD fire when outside it is thunder and rain and hail which seems to be just about every day in Auckland this winter.

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Gus’s Garage by Leo Timmers

There is a lot going on the big bright illustrations because Gus is a very busy pig.

He loves to store things which could be a disaster but is actually very GOOD.

When you need something you head straight to Gus for help!

I especially love what Gus does for the very chilly giraffe

and the very hot walrus

and the extra hot penguin.

This is a very GOOD and very busy picture book! And I just loved it.



Life According to Dani cover small.jpg   Life According to Dani cover small.jpg

Life According to Dani by Rose Lagercrantz, illustrations by Eva Eriksson


I have reviewed the other Dani chapter books on the blog. Gorgeous black & white illustrations. They are simple and catch the characters and the moods beautifully.

At the start of the book two surprising things happen. Dani rescues worms from the road so they don’t get run over. Dan’s dad gets run over and ends up in hospital for a few months. So Dani gets to spend the summer with her best friend Ella on an island. She misses her dad and her home but she has fun.

On the day her dad doesn’t call and Dani gets worried, Ella gets her making a BAKING BOOK.

My favourite funny bit: Ella is supposed to be practicing her violin. Instead she and Dani go skinny dipping in the sea and she plays her violin there. They get caught out!

My favourite secret: (shsh, I can’t tell) except Dani thinks it’s a terrible catastrophe.

This book makes you feel a bit SAD then it makes you feel warm and cosy and GOOD inside. Check it out!



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Yours Sincerely, Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa, illustrated by Jun Takabatake

The drawings in this book are like ink drawings and they are so cool they make me want to pick up a pen and draw something. Maybe I will!

This book, Giraffe says, is for people who are bored or who are busy and need a wee break.

Giraffe has everything he needs except: an extra special friend.

Giraffe is extra bored UNTIL a a very GOOD question turns up!

What is on the other side of the horizon?

He decides to write a letter to send with the brand new PELICAN mail service.


Giraffe gets to be penfriends with a penguin. The penguin doesn’t know what a giraffe looks like and the giraffe doesn’t know what a penguin looks like which makes the story zip and spark.

My favourite bit: when the giraffe dresses up to look like a penguin and doesn’t quite get it right.

The sentences in this book are extra scrumptious.

This is also a GOOD feeling book because it is all about friendship.



Sometimes you just need  a big dose of GOOD feelings and that’s what GECKO books can do for you (especially when it is hail and wind and thunder and rain outside).


Dear Gecko Books

Thank you for a very GOOD reading day.

from Paula Green x

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