Poetry Box says ‘Happy National Poetry Day’ – some ideas for you and a brand new poem

Happy Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day


There are poetry events all over NZ today. I am in Wellington and going to at least three!


What can you do?


Send a poem to a friend – on a postcard, in an email, by snail mail.

Read your favourite poetry book to someone.

Make up a poem using no more than twelve words. Or no less than fifty!


Talk  about a poem that you love in class. Send me a letter about your favouite poem and I will post some. paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Chalk poems in your school playground.

Hang poems in a tree. In your class window.

Tell me what you ar doing for poetry day.


Write  a poem together with friends or your class – each take a line. I will post some. paulajoygreen@gmail.com


here is the poem I wrote when I woke up:


Flying to Wellington (for Gemma and Daniel)


The plane sliced through the cloud

to the bright blue day

I had left my dog sleeping by the fire

the rain pouring like cats and more cats

she is dreaming of seagulls

I am dreaming of a the tiniest

poem in the world,

so tiny an ant could squash it,


but under a microscope

it would glitter

and hop.



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