Poetry Box Challenge: t r a v e l p o e m s


Awhile ago I saw Lonely Planets held a world-wide poetry competition for children to write travel poems … poems about favourite places (it’s over now).

So this month I challenge you to write a poem about another place (not the suburb you live in).

It might be another town or city or country. It might be another suburb. It might be a tourist attraction. A mountain, a river, a forest, a paddock, a street, an ocean, a museum.

It might be what you ate there or did there or saw there. The best pasta or ice cream or noodles.

It might be somewhere or something you would like to show a visitor in your own place.


You might have been there and can use your experience.

You might not have been there but can do a little research/reading/asking. In this case you can use your imagination to play with what you discover.

How can you give your poem that extra zing?


  1. use good detail
  2. imagine you are taking a photo with words
  3. hunt for surprising things about this place
  4. write your poem as though you are telling someone about the place
  5. use your senses
  6. play with how you set the poem out
  7. try writing a poem postcard about the place
  8. write about the place as a poem letter
  9. write two words that sum up the place then don’t use the in the poem. Find other words to show how the place is beautiful and fun for example.
  10. think about the ending. Try three then pick your favourite.
  11. remember children of all ages read this blog (I don’t publish poems that might disturb young children)



Have fun! Read your poem out loud. Don’t send it to me straight away. Keep it for a day or two then see if you want to change anything.


SEND your poem to paulajoygreen@gmail.com

DEADLINE Wednesday September 28th

Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teacher’s email if you like.

P l e a s e    p u t   ‘Travel poem’ in the subject line of your email.

I will pick some favourites to post on the blog and have a book for at least one reader and maybe even a book for a class.

I will post on  Friday 30th September.

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