Daniel and Gemma review Gecko’s Annual: Sometimes it feels like it was made in crazy town – but in a good way!

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‘ Thank you for sharing about this book, we were able to get it from the library, but might not have found out about it if you hadn’t put it on your blog 🙂’

Good to hear my blog is finding readers for good books!

I invited you to review you this book and am posting these two – beautifully written with excellent doorways into the Annual.

I am sending Gemma and Daniel a book token so they can go hunting for another book treasure!

I think next year we might do more reviews of NZ books on the blog!


The Gecko Press Annual

Edited by Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris, Gecko Press, 2016

The sparkling golden images on the front of this brightly coloured book make you just want to open it and sneak a peak.  Inside you will find excerpts from lots of cool stories, which make you want to hunt them down to read more.

It is a cool book because it has so many different types of writing such as graphic stories, poems, shirt stories, plays, instructions, information, games and even music.  I even had a go at playing the song – it was fun!  The illustrations are really cool and a little bit wacky.

My favourite part was the hints and tips from Mrs. Mo’s Monster, because it told you what to do to improve your writing – and how to draw the monster!

What I love about this annual is that every time you pick it up, you find something new to read.  I recommend this book for anyone who likes funny and quirky things to read, probably best for 7 years and up.  Pick up a copy and have a look for yourself!

Gemma, age 10, Adventure School, Wellington

The Gecko Press Annual is a book of fun.  It is good to read because it has lots of different things in it.  There are things in it from lots of well known NZ authors and illustrators.  It has comics, crafts, stories, plays and maniac pictures. Sometimes it feels like it was made in crazy town – but in a good way!  My favourite part was the comics. People who like to pick up books again and again to look for different things would love this book.  I think it is good for ages 8 – 15.

Daniel, aged 8, Adventure School, Wellington

PS: If you live in Auckland you can go and hear Susan and Kate talk about the Annual and books for children at The National Library in Auckland.
Come along and hear Kate and Susan talk about the current children’s literature landscape and why it inspired them to make Annual

When: Thursday 17 November, 5.00–6.30pm
Where: National Library of New Zealand, 8 Stanley Street, Auckland

Please RSVP here: petra@geckopress.com

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