Young poets who felt the earthquake: An invitation to write poems if you are experiencing shudders and wet times (and my comfort poem for my daughter)

I’ve decided to share some comfort book packs ….


Sometimes when I feel really bad about something, when I am tired and I can’t seem to find the right thing to do, I like to write a poem. Writing a poem gives me great comfort.

With so many of you experiencing terrible aftershocks and terrible floods, I thought it would be really really lovely to share some poems.


If you want to write a poem about what you felt during the quakes I will share it.


You might write about the sounds, what moved, what it reminded you of. You might write about something good that happened like I did (see below). You might try writing a really really small poem or a longer poem with lots of details.


You might want to write about something else to take your mind off things like shudders and storms.

You just might not be in the mood. That’s ok!


send to Include name age year school. I will have The Letterbox Cat for some children and a comfort packs  of books for others (books are comforting too!). I will post some on Friday 18th November and during the following weeks.



My daughter lives in Wellington and her flatmate had moved out so she was on her own and had to walk out into the dark by herself because of the tsunami warning.  I stayed awake with her all night so she could text me. A poet I know (just a little bit) offered to go and pick her up. I was so moved.



A super moon and the water

sucks back in the dark.

My daughter walks up

the hill alone.

I am waiting.

A poet offers

to get her

and take her

to the warm

but she finds

some earthquake

friends and watches

the night and waits.


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