Serval cat poem

Just posting this for a child who wants to recite it at school tomorrow. It is from my book Flamingo Bendalingo. My partner Michael did the cool illustrations.

I wrote these poems so long ago.

I am feeling rather excited as I have nearly finished writing a first draft of poems using titles I collected from you all on my Hot Spot Poetry Tour of New Zealand a few years ago.

…. it has taken me ages!



3 thoughts on “Serval cat poem

  1. madeleine

    I like “like antennae!” I’m going over similes and “making a picture in the reader’s mind” with my students this month, so I’ll share this poem. Thanks!

  2. Ava Bella.stowers.

    thank you paula for posting your poam for me.I will try and say it the best way I can tommrow.From Ava Bella.


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