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Happy summer days from Poetry Box; with a poem-notebook challenge and some family snapshots




Our dog Molly waiting to go running on the beach!



Happy Summer Holidays young poets!


Thank you so much for all the poetry that whizzed and somersaulted and danced its way into my email box this year. I adored it!

What a treat to read poems from children all over New Zealand.

To get lovely letters from budding poets.

To send books out to hungry poetry readers.



Poetry Box will be back in poetry action in February (even though I am writing my BIG book!).


I will have some new challenges 



over summer you might like my  NOTEBOOK POEM CHALLENGE

to keep a poetry


over summer


with little poems big poems

skinny poems fat poems

funny poems sad poems

poems with endings that snap or sparkle


you might find inspiration

in the sky or the sea

out the window through the door

down the sand dunes

along the river

down the street

in a box


in your imagination


what you


or feel

or taste

or hear


…. NO RULES!         what fun!


If you like, you could copy your favourite pages to send me:

Put NOTEBOOK POEMS in subject line please.

Or post: PO Box 95078, Swanson, Waitakere 0653

I will have some gorgeous new notebooks to give out.

Include your name, age, school. Deadline: February 1st




I am going to spend summer reading and writing and running on the beach (at long last!) and eating fruit and veggies from our garden -and watching movies. And hanging out with my friends and family. A summer to look forward to.




and here’s me when I was little and already a very BIG fan of books!




Molly and Aggo are now the best of friends and Aggo thinks she is a dog I am sure. Charlie is inside sleeping on a cushion or my hat or my coat (just like in the poem!). And Molly will need swimming lessons every day this summer just like in my poem.



Keep safe

Keep happy

Keep poems floating


Warm regards

Paula x

Room 4 at St Joseph’s School in Kaikoura have been writing earthquake poems: shaking smashing breaking

I love reading these cinquain poems because the words stand out sharp against the broken land.

I feel sad reading these poems as these children take me right to the heart and threat of the shaking land.

Thank you for sharing.

I am happy to share poems from any schools in the earthquake zone.


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.28.31 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.28.04 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.27.31 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.27.43 AM.png


November challenge: my very favourite small poems that blew my socks off

Our second November challenge (we had two as it is the last challenge of the year) was to write small poems.

I loved reading these. I loved the way you showed how many different things you can do with  a handful of words.

Small poems can be busy or simple.

Small poems can sound good and look good.

I also loved the poems that told little stories.


t h e s e    p o  e m s

b   l   e   w

m y             w  i n t e r       s  o  c  k  s


o     f     f       !


I have picked just a HANDFUL to post but I LOVED  them all.

I am sending a copy of The Letter Box Cat to Jack and a book of Laura Ranger’s poems she published when she was a child to Erica.

Tomorrow I will post my poetry challenges for the summer holidays.


h  a p  p y   p o e m     d a y s    – thanks wonderful young poets!



Rain drives leaves off trees

Blocking drains and causing floods

Puddles become lakes

Gemma L, Age 10, Year 6, Adventure School


Three short poems from Daniel:


Small Poem

We need to protect the sea

Or there will be nothing left to see

Do you see my point


Haiku (my first time doing Haiku – I used the book you sent us J )

The rain lashes down

The region now an island

In a moat of mud


The Big Wet

It rained and rained and rained

And blocked up all the drains

Flooding all around

No one could get to town

But walking in the wet is cool

So I packed my bag and went to school

Daniel, Age 8, Year 3, Adventure School





Salty chips

Salt sticks

By Jack F, Age 10, Year 5, Methven School


The underground

The pebbles on the cracked brown concrete
rattles as the train comes to a screeching halt
beside the yellow line.

Erica B, Selwyn House School 13 Years Year 8


Playing in the waves





By Ella M, Age 10, Year 5, Methven school


The Golden Castle on an Island

A shiny

Golden castle


On a sandy island

A boy

Makes a rainbow

Like the sun


By Lily P, 7 years old, Ilam School



London House

The tall

London house,

as old as the stone

in it’s fireplace,

with its warm,

pine tree smell.

Isis W, Selwyn House School, Year 8, Age 13



the clear ocean,
little waves crash on my toes.

Maddie S, Selwyn House, Year 8, 12 Years old



The sun illuminates the the roof of the sea
stretching out towards the coral.
The relaxing hum of the waves
lures me into the water.

Emma C, age 11, Year 7, Selwyn House, Christchurch



Excitedly as I bound up the steps and hug my grandparents,

My other relatives come up the steps.

When we come to my grandparents I look through the back fence.

There’s the neighbour’s dog as usual.

Our visit was as special as my birth.

Xenia, age 9, Fendalton School


The tree

Stretches its branches into the sky

It plays with children as they grab its branches

It’s so tough with a mighty heart

Surprising a loud Hack!

And it falls



Down. . .

By: Iris H, Fendalton Open Air School




Triangle, square, circle.
Triangle, square, circle.

Patterns, shapes,
In my head, on my paper.
Repeating around,
Echoing around,
Patterns, patterns,
Never disappear.

Ysabella H Year 5 Age: 9 Ilam Primary School


Ko Sumi

The island is as yellow as
an autumn tree.
Fish ride waves at night.
They are nippy hunters.

By Josh P Age 12 Medbury School

Poetry Box Summer Poems for the first day of Summer


Today is officially the first day of summer – I look out my window and see little patches of blue sky – I see my vegetable garden growing crazy fast with all the rain – I see our cats rolling on the warm gravel – I see our dog Molly sleeping in the shade.

I love every season.

I am always sad to say goodbye to winter because I love fires and winter food.

I am always happy to say hello to summer because I love swimming at the beach – eating summer fruit and veggies – wearing shorts and Tshirts – doing heaps of things outside.


Thanks for ALL the wonderful summer poems. I filled with a summery mood reading them all.

I have picked JUST a few to post. I am sending a copy of The Letterbox Cat to Ms McNaughton’s class at Methven School as they sent in a terrific bunch of summer poems. Thanks also to all the poem bundles sent by teachers from Adventure School, St Patrick’s School and Huapai School. Wonderful. Great job poetry fans!

I am also sending a copy to Kingston.


t h a n k  y o u    f o r    k i c k i n g    o f f

s u m m e r       w i t h     p o e m s

x    P a u l a






O the wonderful activities of summer

Surfing and swimming,

Playing in the sun.

And O the wonderful foods of summer

Hotdogs and ice-cream,

We’ve barely begun.

Yet, the most wonderful things of summer

Are family and friends

Having lots of fun.

By Andy A, Age 10, Year 6, Methven School


A day in the life of a crab

As the light peeks through my castle

It’s time to re-enter the seaside

The sun greets me

People with hats

Kids splashing

Barbeque’s burning

Pohutakawa swaying

My nippers are ready

For a curious kid

A nosy adult

An intrigued tourist


As the sun fades

The people have gone

I’m alone once more

The waves spill their last

I return to my castle.

By Emily W, Age 10, Year 6, Methven School


Fish ‘n’ chips

Stuck inside paper

A burst of light

A feel of a hand

Touches my crispy batter

Chips surround me

Handful after handful

Blood red sauce smothers

An open cavity

A row of teeth

I go down a black hole

By Jack F, Age 10, Year 5, Methven School


Winter’s Escape

I see

the white-caped waves

washing up

my newly made

golden sandcastle

I feel

the heat of the sand

burning my back

By Cooper P, Age 10, Year 5 Methven School




Spring ends
And summer starts
Flowers bloom
Animals play
Babies are born filling the fields’
The sweet scent of summer filled the air
Children swarm out the door
Every one including me
The golden sand tickles my feet
I know that summer is here!

Emma, age 9, Fendalton School




beaches waves so cold,
is an ice cream now it’s sold.
soaring through the sky,
clouds never cry.
are crashing,
the fish are splashing.
Pink, purple,
and green
the colours going together
make summer better.
so nice drinks with ice.
sun so bright,
takes the dark away at night.
pools not too deep,
is my summer to keep.

Madeline, age 9, St Patrick’s School, Masterton



in the sun and I’m ready to have some fun.
the sparkling waves getting out to look at caves.
a refreshing bun out of the sun.
in the sun bringing  joy to everyone.

Mirron, age 11, St Patrick’s School, Masterton

The birds are chirping sweet songs,
butterflies are flying in the clear air,
the grass is green freshly mowed,
chicks grow their sweet soft feathers,
hearing the sounds make me joyful,
strawberries are out yummy,
in the park.

Name Umi Age :10 School: Ilam School


Christmas time has come
Lobster on the table
Trains pass, we wave
Waves crash on the shore,
10 meters from the house.
Spiders lounge in surrounding woods
Blue house
Meg, border collie rushes, chasing air.
Red house, right next door.
Renters stay, we take the precious moments, before we move out.
Paua shells litter the ground.
The smell of a beach, salty, fresh,
The buzzing of stingless bees,
Pick them up,
Play with them,
Observe them.

Lucy J, 13 years old, Selwyn House School. Lucy sent this poem in before the earthquakes.



The Beach
Down on the beach
is a big tall tree.
Waves blowing onto the sand
And people surfing at the beach.
Watery sand
in the big calm sea.
Seagulls flying
across the blue sunny sky.
Dogs chasing
the big green ball.
Spiders at the car
spinning their spider webs.
Sand castles,
blown by the sand
And waves bowling them away.

Down on the beach
people are climbing
the big tall tree.
Waves blowing to the sand
and people surfing in the calm sea.
Seagulls flying
across the big blue sky.
Let’s have a
good time at the beach.
by Jennifer, age 8, Year 3, Huapai School



I can swim in shallow water.
When I touch the bottom of the water,
it feels muddy.
When I smell the muddy sand,
it smells like a pot of rubbish.
When I touch the sand, it feels sticky.
When I put water on my hand,
and I put sand on my hand,
the sand will stick
on my hand.

by Kingston, Year 1, Huapai District School



Horizontal rain pelts against the windows

Wild winds push like bullies

People put on puffer jackets

Yeah… it’s summer in Wellington

Gemma L, Age 10, Year 6, Adventure School




The Stargazing Rock

Around the corner, up behind the house
Where the bending willows grow
Across the glistening stream
On a cool summer evening
The stars all a shine
The grass soft and dewy
The maples in a line
With a skip and a hop
And a wade through the stream
You can get to the stargazing rock

Not in winter
When even the stars shimmer with cold
When the stream is high
And the current strong

Only in summer
When the water is low
And warm to bare toes
The grass is soft
The ferns new
The rock still slightly warm
And the farm is laid out
Below your feet like patchwork
You can feel it’s a magic night

Bring the blanket
And the lemonade
We might want some chocolate
We’ll be caught if we try for the ice cream

Put it in the basket
Check our parents aren’t looking
Off we go

Keep up
Duck the brambles
Almost there
Don’t trip
Here we are

Now at the top
Spread out the blanket
Pass around our stolen treats

When the clock strikes midnight
And the shadows are long
Bare feet patter and twirl
Beneath the heavens
Filled with stars

But morning is upon us
It’s time to sneak home
We don’t want to get caught
So back to bed we go
Sylvie, Sapphira and me

But now Sylvie’s grown too old
For such games
And Sapphira’s moved to Nepal
So now there’s none at all
To go up on a summer night
None except for me

by Sarah-Kate S, age 11, homeschooled






Some poems with pictures from Y1 and 2 at Adventure School:

by Cyrus:

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.07.36 AM.png


by Luca:

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.05.13 AM.png




by Shawn:Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.02.40 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 4.00.41 PM.png