Happy summer days from Poetry Box; with a poem-notebook challenge and some family snapshots




Our dog Molly waiting to go running on the beach!



Happy Summer Holidays young poets!


Thank you so much for all the poetry that whizzed and somersaulted and danced its way into my email box this year. I adored it!

What a treat to read poems from children all over New Zealand.

To get lovely letters from budding poets.

To send books out to hungry poetry readers.



Poetry Box will be back in poetry action in February (even though I am writing my BIG book!).


I will have some new challenges 



over summer you might like my  NOTEBOOK POEM CHALLENGE

to keep a poetry


over summer


with little poems big poems

skinny poems fat poems

funny poems sad poems

poems with endings that snap or sparkle


you might find inspiration

in the sky or the sea

out the window through the door

down the sand dunes

along the river

down the street

in a box


in your imagination


what you


or feel

or taste

or hear


…. NO RULES!         what fun!


If you like, you could copy your favourite pages to send me: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Put NOTEBOOK POEMS in subject line please.

Or post: PO Box 95078, Swanson, Waitakere 0653

I will have some gorgeous new notebooks to give out.

Include your name, age, school. Deadline: February 1st




I am going to spend summer reading and writing and running on the beach (at long last!) and eating fruit and veggies from our garden -and watching movies. And hanging out with my friends and family. A summer to look forward to.




and here’s me when I was little and already a very BIG fan of books!




Molly and Aggo are now the best of friends and Aggo thinks she is a dog I am sure. Charlie is inside sleeping on a cushion or my hat or my coat (just like in the poem!). And Molly will need swimming lessons every day this summer just like in my poem.



Keep safe

Keep happy

Keep poems floating


Warm regards

Paula x

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