November challenge #1: Some favourite acrobatic acrostic poems

Thanks for sending me a delicious swag of acrostic poems. I think there is so MUCH MORE room to play with in this form than you think!

I did a lot of WOW WOW WOW reading them all.

I have picked just a few to post. Because it is my last proper challenge this year, I put the names in the hat and picked out  Eileen, Phoebe and Jackson to send a copy of The LetterBox Cat.

You still have a change to do my Treasury challenge (I am really keen for NZ poets to be picked!). Even if you have a copy still try the challenge. See here.


T h a n k    y o u   !!


Some acrostic poems

Lifting animals’ fur
In a traffic jam
Going to school
Homes being thrown around
Towns empty
kNowing I’m safe
Inside a warm room
Night noises
Going around scaring pets

Lucy K,  Year 2,  7 years old  Ilam School


The Jewelry
stealing Elephant
likes To blow water

the Blue
coloured Lion
likes Orange
coloured Water

By Eileen C Age 7   Year 2  Ilam School


My Pets
My Family has 3 pets.
One Is soft and fluffy,
HaS black and dark chocolate fur,
And Her favourite toy is a warthog.
The other two pets Don’t live on land.
They swim thOugh,
And always Go in their mini shipwreck.

Phoebe, Year 5, age 10, College Street Normal School, Palmerston North


On the Pebble nest
the adElie penguin
loNgs to meet her chicks.
A Gale blows
from Under her
wInter coat
the Noise of two chicks.

Joshua P, age 13, Medbury School



The power from the lava eruption blasts out of the volcano with hot lava in it

The power Evolves
The lava Rumbles
It blasts Up
The volcano is Powerful
The lava is Terror
I Imagine
The Outstanding volcano
The Noisy eruption

Jackson R  age: 9   Fendalton School





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