A letter from the editor of Toitoi: the new issue is now out



Summer issue (number 10!) now out

Children can now send in writing (and other things) for the next issue. You have until April 13!

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Submission Deadline

April 13, 2018

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From the Editor

Welcome to the first Toitoi Quarterly Newsletter for 2018. It is hard to believe it is March already! I also can’t believe that we have just published our tenth issue. It feels like a really special milestone and I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged us to reach it. A special congratulations to Mikah Miller who created the awesome octopus on the cover and to all of the young writers and artists who contributed their fabulous stories, poems, cartoons, commentaries and artwork.

We have spent the last few weeks sharing Toitoi with young people all over New Zealand. What has struck me the most on our school visits is how young readers of all ages are instantly engaged by the journal. When they first pick it up, they flick through the pages and peer closely at the illustrations. There are always lots of whoops as they examine the incredible artwork. They immediately check the credit to see how old the artist is! Within minutes, they are deeply immersed in the writing and art of their peers. It is very powerful.

Back at Toitoi HQ, we have also had a busy start to the year with lots of change and excitement. We have recently moved offices and welcomed two new team members – Cait Kneller and Venice White – both inspiring young women who are curious, courageous and creative. Grace and I are delighted to have them – and you – on this journey with us.

With best wishes, Charlotte

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