A festival of letters to NZ children’s authors: Hendrix (8), Hunter (8) and Alex (8) write to Gavin Bishop




Dear Gavin 

We like your Three Little Pigs book. We have two favourite parts. One was when the pig makes the wolf fall into the pot of hot water and then eats him up because the wolf was tricked.

Then one of the pigs hid in a butter churn to scare the wolf and he was easily tricked again. Silly wolf we say. 

I hope you keep writing and illustrating more books for children in New Zealand. 


Hendrix and Hunter 

Aged 8 Year 4 

St Francis Primary School 


Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 5.31.55 PM.png



Dear Gavin Bishop 

Your books to me are top mark. The Three Little Pigs is cleverly written because it is not the same but it is not different than the original fairy tale. Is this what you think too? 

I see on the title page you are both the author and illustrator of this book which must mean you practice a lot. I mean a lot. Then my teacher showed me Aotearoa and WOW that is a lot of work in that book. 

I am sure lots of children in New Zealand love your books too. 


Aged 8 Year 4 











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