After a Kaleidoscipe of Butterflies here’s a picnic of poems and an audio clip

This was one of my FLASH or popUP 48 hour challenges.

I was inspired by reading Kate Hursthouse’s picture book A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.   See my review here. 

I invited you to write poems using the compound nouns in the book for inspiration.


And now – this is like a FABULOUS FUN FAMILY of poems.



First family of poets:


Gemma and Daniel made up a poem together and recorded it for me!


What’s In The Fridge?


A layer of leftovers

A squiggle of spaghetti

A fiesta of fruit salad

A chomp of cheese

An omelette of eggs

A quick of cookies

A catastrophe of salad

A horror of Brussels sprouts!


Gemma (12) and Daniel (8) Adventure School




Second family of poets:

One family all sent in poems – I am sending them a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat and other poems.



Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 4.01.42 PM

Evangeline, 10 years old,Year 6, ACG Strathallan






Sam, Year 1, Age 5, ACG Strathallan [so don’t go near the bat right!]




Emmie , 8,Year 4, ACG Strathallan 











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