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Some favourite butterfly poems from the July challenge

The butterfly poems have been such as a popular challenge. Thank you so much for sending me poetry that filled my house with butterflies – it felt like they would lift off my screen and go flying because the language was so bright and lively.

I have a posted a few poems from all the schools – and it was so so hard choosing.

Just because I didn’t pick your poem doesn’t me it wasn’t AMAZING– I just tried to get a variety.

I am sending a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat to Leona.

AND I got such a gorgeous bunch of illustrated poems from Raumati School that will brighten your day I am going to post a cluster separately.

Do try my August challenge.

(if I haven’t replied to your poem let me know!)


Lonely Butterfly

Soft wing,
light as feathers.
The butterfly
flies from place
to place.
She lands slowly
on a forget-me-not
and remembers
her mother.


My name is Leona K,  8 years old, Year 5, Selwyn House School


The Butterfly Artist

With her orange 

and black wings, 

the butterfly draws 

the cherry blossom, 

with a swan feather.


Runika, age 8, Year 4, Selwyn House School



Fragile wings shimmering

In the morning sky

Coloured as pink

as cotton candy.


Lucy Fraser, age 7,  St Andrews Prep


Butterfly poem

The monarch butterfly

swoops down on

the sunny summer

day and eats a drop

of sugar and flies back.


Rose Age 9 Year 4  Fendalton School, Christchurch


Butter flutter

Butterfly flutter

In the summer sun

Their shiny wings

Glow in the sun

Like waves

They are very quiet


Estelle Russell Age 7  St Andrews College Preparatory School


The Arrival of the Butterfly

hanging by a silky thread

she emerges

crumpled wings straighten

delicate as rice paper


light reflects off

her metallic blue wings

fading away at

the blackened edges


flitting among the branches

like petals in the breeze

she lands on my shoulder

whispering secrets in my ear

Olivia L Age: 11 Selwyn House School




Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.13.36 PM.png

Gemma L, Year 8, Adventure School, Wellington





Daniels Butterfly Poem.png

Daniel L, Age 9, Year 5, Adventure School, Wellington



Fluttering Butterflies

I am a beautiful butterfly spreading my wings.

I can taste the sweet sweet honey that I suck up with my very own long straw,

I can smell the scrumdiddlyumptious nectar,

I can hear the thunder on a bad day as I hide under a leaf,

I can see the terrifying toad approaching me as I glide out of reach,

I can feel the petals on a flower as soft as silky silk.

Peggy N  Age 9  Westmere School LS6




The butterfly is as delicate as a ballerina.

The butterfly is as strong as a an eagle.

The butterfly is as colourful as confetti.

The butterfly is as stunning as a rose.


The butterfly makes me feel happy when I look at it fluttering in the wind.

The butterfly cautiously dances in the breeze while avoiding a sly frog.

Butterflies are graceful, beautiful and strong.

I wouldn’t mind being a butterfly.


Maddie H Age 9  Westmere School LS6


The Butterfly

A ragged butterfly head peeks out of a chrysalis

after the devastating earthquake

The lonely butterfly flaps its wings feebly

It glides,then lands on a rose

It sucks the delicious nectar

The graceful butterfly finds some others

and flies out of sight –

A sign of hope after the earthquake.


Aaron K Age 10, Fendalton Open-air School


The Butterfly

Every warm summer day,

She spreads her pink wings,

To find some juicy nectar,

From a new yellow flower,

After a day of exploring,

She lays down on her leafy bed,

     Thinking about what tomorrow brings.

Zian Age 10 Fendalton Open Air School


26th July 2018

Green leaves on green grass

A flap of a butterfly’s wings is the only sound

The moon is out

The sky is pitch black

Then a huge group of butterflies pass

Butterflies red

Butterflies blue

Butterflies multicoloured too

Butterflies pass over my head

I go to sleep with a butterfly on my nose!


Amy Viles Age: 9 Fendalton Open-Air School



Butterflies flutter by,

like the fluttery buttery bugs they are!

Curly wurly,

diply durly,



skies so blue!

Poppy T, age 10, Kiwi Connection Hub Richmond Road School



The moonlight reflects on the butterflies wings,

The butterfly dances while the morepork sings.

The butterfly is as beautiful as the stars,

They fly, frolic having fun.

They dance in the night,

They dance in the light.

The ballerina of insects.


Florence S, age 11, Hub, Richmond Road School



Butterfly lays eggs                      

Underneath a leaf                 

The eggs are really small

The eggs are yellow

Eggs hatch

Red caterpillars wriggle

Feasting on food

Lie down on the leaf and sleep

Yet they wake up and start again


Xavier L, 9 years old, Samoan Unit, Richmond Road School


I am a Butterfly

I am a butterfly and I fly high in the sky

I also crystalise

So I can do some exercise

Sometimes I cry

Then I eat some pie

But I also lie

So I can eat some french fries

Then I apologise

Then do some more exercise

But I also say goodbye

Then I see a cat’s eye

And NOW I  say goodbye!!!!

Siena S,  10 years – Samoan Unit, Richmond Road School



butterfly butterfly flying through the trees

butterfly butterfly flapping happily

butterfly butterfly pounced by a tiger!

butterfly butterfly narrow escape

butterfly butterfly lived ever after


Charlie J, Age 8, Fendalton Open Air School


Room 4 at St Francis School visited the butterfly exhibition at Auckland Museum and then did shape poems back in class. Here are a few:

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 7.40.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 7.41.19 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 7.41.39 AM.png