Cracking good owl poem by Te Ringa Tu Graham (Y6)






Wake my adorable owl,

As day falls and night awakes,

People drown in their sleep,

 and you arise to see the darkness of night.



Floating through the calm air,

The warm pressure of the summer breeze,

 jumbles under the fury wings of the owl.

The air tickles the feathers,

As it listens to the natives snoring in their huts,

 under its slick body.



Listen to the familiar everyday noises,

The howling, the hooting,the big z sounds

Climbing out the windows of houses,

The trees and rivers flow through waves of air.



Swooping down on its curious victims,

The tough magnificent owl,

rips its prey from the wavy grass,

Its victims slashed,

kept in its talons until it reaches its nest.



Striking fiercely through the prey,

 on the dirty muddy ground,

The mighty owl keeps its grip on lock,

until the rays of the sun hit the blue sky.



Eat the scrumptious prey,

As the screams silenced, the prey is dying,

You don’t feel bad instead you feel happy.

For you have something to feed your family.



Sleep peacefully,

As darkness drops to its knees,

and the sun angers towards the earth,

You slowly drift to sleep.


Te Ringa Tu Graham Rm30


Fairburn School, South Auckland



Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.58.45 PM.png

















drawing by Kashira Rainey, Year 5, Room 30, Fairburn School 









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