A popUP Poetry Box challenge for the HOLIDAYS with an EXCEPTIONALLY good Gecko Press book





Sunday afternoon and I have just got lost in the most extraordinary picture book

Inside the Villains by Clotilde Perrin (Gecko Press)

aimed at 5 to 8 year olds but I am WAY older than that!


This is a BIG FORMAT book that will just BLOW your cotton socks off it is so GOOD!

Open the book and you get inside three fairy tales villains:






For each villain you get fascinating facts.

For the wolf: strengths, weaknesses, top food, fears, favourite games, distinguishing features, physical attributes, favourite books


For each villain you get a beautifully written story.

For the wolf: The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats


For each villain you get a giant illustration that is utterly gorgeous and utterly special because you open up layers and layers with flaps.

For the wolf: open the wolf and you see their underwear, underneath that you pull a string and see what is in the wolf’s gut, open the head and you discover several layers of awesome ideas, lift the mouth and discover what they are eating!


Pull the springs

Pull the levers

Open stomachs

Open mouths

Open heads


This felt like the perfect book to set a holiday poem challenge.


write a poem that gets inside a fairy tale villain



we all have secrets inside us!



Villains might be a little bit bad and a little bit good.

Inside the villain you might find things they



surprised them

delighted them

love to do in spare time

their favourite place

their favourite adventure

their least favourite adventure

their favourite books

their best friend (do they have one?)

their strengthes

their weak spots

their horribleness

their secret dreams


Let your imaginations go roaming

Let your ears work hard listening to the words you pick

Let your eyes hunt for surprising things

Will your poem by short or long?

How many words will you play with on the line?

Read it aloud to someone before you send it to me


You might like to do a drawing or painting to go with your poem that you can scan and send to me too.

I LOVE this book so much I will buy a copy for one young poet and I will post some favourite poems.


Send to: paulajoygreen@gmail.com

Deadline: Thursday October 11th

Please include: your name, age, year and name of school

So I don’t miss it: Put VILLAIN poem in subject line

I will post some favourites on Friday October 12th


Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 2.43.32 PM.png

Clotilde Perrin is an illustrator who lives in Strasbourg in France. Inside the Villains was first published in France.  She has illustrated numerous books including At the Same Moment Around the World.   [Paula: I want to track that book down it looks amazing!!!]

Gecko page here

4 thoughts on “A popUP Poetry Box challenge for the HOLIDAYS with an EXCEPTIONALLY good Gecko Press book

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